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Days of setember.......................................................................9
Origin of snuff in America and its distribution in Europe.........39

Creation of the income of snuff and General Government
an individuals of this kingdom of Perú.....................................44

United General government.....................................................52

Tabacalera agriculture and industry in ancient peruvian

Patents semester......................................................................62
The great day of no smoking....................................................74

A kiss the Andes.......................................................................79

Horizons “Mushcoj”...............................................................101

Reflections of a dreamer eldery.............................................110






The memories we build on our experiences and
our works are an effort to organize the official history

of the personal existence are, in other words, the

contribution we bequeath to biographers who will
study the paths that crossed our footprints and fingerprints

that opened transit paths in our field.

Usually, the memories are narrated in the first person as
a monologue whose echoes are reproduced on each page
and whispers glide lines to the ears. The Memoirs of Don
Julio Olivera, however, slide of reason and affection affection

reason in mind transit as magical as the landscape that
contextualizes his account or as the challenge of his pen.
Thus Volume III after mentioning, with the subtle style Olivera,

to Quichez - Purhuay - on the banks of the Marañon
sihuasinas and the famous alleys and Conchucos Huaylas,

opens the envelopes of the letters exchanged between Hector

Chênedollé and Albertina while developing a natural
bridge between friendship and love. It opens more envelopes

to fill us with epistolary genre that shows the life

cycle of love: bloom and wilt. What tenderness, passion

to flourish much affection, the love lines are sweet, warm

and full of gratitude to the subject of love. In contrast, how
much dignity in the complaint, when cold elegant kind
words, how to cross the bridge without affection wilt.
Olivera write the letters of both senders who are also both

recipients; unique and creative style complex, especially
when you consider the difference in gender, age and edu8


cational background of the characters. It seems that our author

shares the speech of one of them when he says: “In this

material life there souls tuning”, the tune that encourages
and empowers the possibility of mutual understanding.
The second part of Volume III is just a challenge to understanding,

Olivera us in History of a real process, the

legal intricacies that originated following the murder of
Haydee Suarez. The procedural flaws are presented as
legal trends, including case number, but also presented

as an interactive story of mystery and suspense in which
the reader becomes a critical analyst to discover or syndicate

the real criminal ... Does not the same traditional
society with a justice system that is not blindfolded although

the reason as to admit an expert medical opinion

in which “doctors” raise a autopsy without seeing the

body, much less analyzed their wounds, and what makes

it easier to organize the innocent than accept a suicide?

Following the questions, ask ourselves why these stories

in a collection of memories, and what Olivera us to see

through them?, From what stage aims to share your experience?

A trick to resolve these issues and know more on the

facet phase and we want to show is unraveling in reading
their texts and symbolizing the designation of his work.
Live challenge whose theme song is the poet’s plea echoes

“Shut me off Lord, my body is an alabaster dazzled, / / my

veins snake runaway chariot, / / my blush is the golden
blaze of the vacancy / / that arouses the greed of jackals “.
By Consuelo Navarro Bertha Navarro

(Research Lecturer at the National University Federico
Villarreal) Complitense graduate of Madrid



“Rape and misfortune”


Yes, today is September 11th and we are in Bar Harbor,

to the NE of the State of Maine, as if we were in Cuzco

(Peru) at the top of Machu Picchu, compared to the

Inti-Huatana (Which is tied to the Sun). We are facing

a place where the sun comes first in the Americas, is a
hilltop surrounded by forests and lakes on a corner that
makes the sea, cove in Acadia National Park. Here wakes

earlier than in other hemispheres.
Today we remember the carnage of the Twin Towers at
the World Trade Center in New York, where he blew over

three thousand innocent of all bloods. Such vandalism
mourned the world and served to condemn all terrorist
Other holidays you remember this month, Hispanic
Heritage Month, the festival of 14 in the Andean highlands,

the day of the Exaltation of the Cross, in Corongo;

festival of Lord of the Souls in Conchucos and spring
comes and the novenas of Our Lady of Mercy. So September

is to remember.
The conformation of the route provides a magnificent

setting of the Sun The sun, light, warmth and soul of
the painting is another wonder of the landscape. Give the
chromatic color, if tenuous, a symphony of light or you
albos cloudscapes, if intense, a sonata of colors or a flood


of light, if overwhelming, leakage of shades or tones orgy.
Here in Bar Harbor, born on pristine and resplendent
silvery sea, lined with sailboats and cruise ships. Gold

Darts ripping dawn muslins and corundum descorren a
sky blue opal lilied; waves widen the dawn light and wispy
clouds and cherubs wings fade into the horizon. Goldsmith:

decorate auroras, sudden flashes lights, Studs of
bright tails and halos, crimped diamonds corollas of flowers,

arabesques and sequins makes the liquid emerald sea,
effigies of angels punched nimbar auroras. Bubbles in the
waterfalls as a river of topaz, makes phosphoresce dew and

radiate the magical light of the prisms, engages in lampo
melody of the stars and in a flash the chromatic scale. Drill
the stony masses and slope precipitated by raising a cloud
of dust miríficas studded iridescence. At noon the sun is

magnificent, splendid, flames on the crest of the forest or
in the hair of the nymphs, sea billows smooth or curved

lines of the Bayadere, calcined aloes, sandalwood and fragrant

resins, juices aspires subtle and gives to spread the
perfume of the flowers in the folds jingles, makes flying

butterflies meadows and gulls wakes beaches. Nothing

dull. The blue combo widens and becomes speculate. At
this time the sky has a diamond clarity and exquisite infiltrates

in the heart and mind. Low Solar burning ferns

fall, vibrate and twitch spasm forests in paradise. Descend

pompous, opulent and morbid, overflowing, blinding, exhaling

breaths of tropical lujurian.

Then comes the miracle of pm. Surge otherwise the

shadow as visual and poetic. Orange purple mantles and

project progress on a stage opalescent blue. The maturity

and sorrow give her melancholy tone. A languid evocation

pearly smile gives beings and things ivory dye. The


remembrance descends to the souls like a caress and a
light pale amethyst constellations and gives pupils reflect

its tone violet on a transflorados chrysoprases field. Home

of Muses, to cradle idyllic dreams and longings lulled.

It’s time for the esfuminos and madrigal. The shape and
sound dilute their pace and cover the scene of a fall tersidad,

unreal and untouchable. The bas-relief and the semitone

has on them their source of inspiration.
Twilight as a lace and bloodless sunlight settles on
things like lightning and caress. Amid declining lily and
poppy tone progresses and an atmosphere of gloom and
pink moire makes dreamy. In the torsos rose from the
rocks and on the slopes of the hills the last rays of light left
in profusion strokes and sepia old gold. The evening becomes

tremulous, prudish and angelic. In the dim twilight
clarity offering as a poem in verse or tenderness sweetest
melody. The scent of nature expands like a perfume enervating.

It’s time cooing and the eclogue, the seagulls and

the souls given to navigate the illusion and fantasy.

Comes the sunset: sidereal melody and eloquence. In
the marine boundary setting sun makes the gold budge
voracious ignitions. Ruby is a clot. The summit reflects the
great golden stone and the whole landscape glows trivial
and scarlet. It’s time for the rainbow: polychrome fluorescent

under its arcades enters the setting sun. In the marine
boundary a canopy of red ocher in a display rises and luxury

decoration; flamíneos blankets, red tapestries, scrolls
and evanescent cederías lace bridal stir your anxiety and
get drunk in magic lights. Yolks rosy red dotted golden

fleeces evolve as fire or clouds. Amphorae incandescent
escancian their vermilion and saffron dyes and mythological

geniuses decorate the sky Edenic visions and fantasies


and drunkenness and delirium multicolored party exasperates

the senses and gives a pictorial lyricism to the
Ensues night, a prelude distant rhythm melody contours

mystery. First a resonant and clear opacity draws

his mellifluous tone, after dark dye prints advertised

gloom laden with mystery and enigma. The storm in this
area and Lightning fugitive light in darkness unheard
added a note of dread. However, the inhabitants of the
peninsula looks forward to the evening, the atmosphere
alone is fascinated, adventure and romance as attract. The
epic song springs each unpublished increasingly these
ineffable confidences between souls and night from the

viewpoint of Wonder View. Deep and unfathomable in
the cove, huge, livid in the foothills of the stony rock, clear
and spiritual at the edge of the sky. In the jaws of the sea
caves and ravines the intricacies of the night is abandoned
and is populated and full of ghosts. The tradition dazzles
the imagination with the story of ghosts goblins pirates
and dances. And the night is dark and populated and full

of fantasy and mystery. The myth and legend come here

a relief unsuspected.

The moon has a special place in painting and in poetry.
By among patches studded with bright a halo of gold dust
in the sky projects. The birth of the moon and the landscape

shudders of excitement and anxiety. The moonlight
silvered puts his note to Bar Harbor Creek and nacreous

and ambarada irradiation, its languid glow, sickly sweetness

and candor, his stunned stupor, his naïve give things
pale coloration melancholy. At the summit the moon
shines its splendid comeliness: it is emerging from the
high sea virgin blue topaz wrapped in gauze. It settles on


the sea, sailing fleet in the rivers, drained by the branches

waking nymphs and naiads the shore. A unusual melody,

gives the moon spectrum lividity of sadness and grief.
The melody empties his anguish and pain, overcome by
grief, transfixed by the moon.
In the bay the moon is shown opulent sets on the

foliage of forests mica plates and when the wind rocks the
earth seeps branches like a shower of spray. In the streets

and avenues displays his languid touches Vestal. Under
its protection the minstrel full of inspirations unleashes

his grief or graces your dreams with the melody of the
music of violins and herons.

From Corongo go down the road of “Shingles” to Pakatqui,

their inclination is very strong, zig-zag up piercing

the hill at a height of more than three thousand meters of
sheer rock. Contorts as lean reptiles. On the surface of
the rocks are snails spots observed with curiosity travelers.

The road is perfect, the slope becomes insensitive and

cheerful the descent. A espeluzna distance, close up is

cozy. Instead “The Blade” is backwards, seems benign.
For over a triangular bastion of Colcabamba land that

stretches tearing up the river Cuyuchín, serpea and spark
the road on the edge of the edges. At the base of each side

of streams and rivers Swirls offer their vertigo. By Pinito,
there bustillos Pariacón Carhuacondor and embroidered


with gold from its fruit and emerald foliage giving a flavor

orchards and gardens of paradise.
The landscape is a rhythmic stamping and color, the

loneliness is an abstraction, a scenario of peace and a

dreamy atmosphere, unfolds its charms one and the other
will crown cauda. The landscape reveals how idealizes

and loneliness. The landscape here is the emergence of
beauty in the universe, loneliness is an aura of spirituality
and spell.
The scenery becomes grander in solitude, more subtle

and more eloquent. The souls distressed by the mystery

they feel closer.
One way to penetrate into the bowels of Pakatqui is
contemplation: rapturous love and understanding consciousness.

Loneliness lends his scenario, it becomes tender

to be and more affordable nature. The more `soft

melody or imperceptible light lampo feels enlarged. It’s
like if one could see the sound waves of music or listen to
the crackling of a halo or the joy of a flower bud when it

opens to kiss light. The aroused reaction is a tender and

profound poetic emotion.
The solitude here is not a mere abstraction or an empty

word and audible verbal reflection. Solitude has a
function and vital content, has a perspective and horizon
occupies a place in space and spirit. Is projected and reflected

illusions and nostalgia suggests. Loneliness is like
the melody of silence or the echo of the stage, is a deeply
spiritual position content. There is strength in her anguish

that leads into vaporous abstractions and makes us float,
which eventually disappear us the soul of the cosmos and

then lull in their melodic voices and disseminates expands


us into infinity.
When we are absorbed by the calm of things or the fascination

of dreams or when the gaze of the soul disappears
after the escape of a stump or flying of a cloudscape are

touched by loneliness. Transported and absorbed, lonely
and isolated, saturated with idealism and amid a sidereal
ecstasy but we can not navigate at infinity as lulled by the

music that orchestrated the scent of the leaves.
The solitude here is a vital position in your fellowship
spirit with the landscape is an area of peace and stillness.
In these regions of ideality sheds soul lusts, collected, and
scrutinizes dream, the fantasy becomes wider, encompassing

vision and intuition infinite horizons achieved

amazing fruits.
The loneliness is within fecund ideas are born of them
immortal and pure forms beauty. The loneliness is content

edifying soul populate it insensitive and pristine nature.

Loneliness is an evocation and emotion: this is an
aspiration of the spirit and a sense of poetic outpourings

that explains the anointing of the hermits and the fervor of
the mystic.

! Auchicha! ... Wake up! Fuck! it’s four in the morning,
take the animals to graze; dreamed Ezekiel grandfather’s

voice, patron of the farm, master of the whole region,
which never slept.
! Atacho Fuck! He said, tell Juliana chola to remove


the milk of cows and calves bring the boys await their
breastfed and orange juice. Breakfast on the farm was a

groundbreaking ceremony to the discipline. Sausages
fried with potatoes, avocado salad or tuna juice and broth
never missing head, shácue shambar or, once in a while.

The laborers were preparing to daily work in the fields,
some woodcutters, others worked in farming and children

cared for cows, pigs and goats, which made a prodigious
and thriving livestock in the area.

The ñata Maria was the cook on duty, had the hollow

face and fierce, for lack of nose, eaten away by the “uta”,
to the snack for employers and workers from many years
ago and carried a youthful joy in the villages.
Atacho, was in charge of the “mill” and the hacienda
Tápaco, cocky Grandfather and expert hunter with the

slingshot and the “guaraca”. Here is congealed in the stills

cane, to make honey, spirits the molasses. A “Yoke” of

oxen, gave strength to the centrifuge to grind cane. Era
a task that to the tune of “snorers” was customary in the

mills or in the threshing of wheat, and potato crops in the
piles of beans and beans. The animosity of the people in
contrast to the heat of the temple and the native music

All fruits were wild, bitter oranges, avocados, custard
apples and mangoes, guavas, pomegranates and porocchos

and passion fruit, adorned the gardens and roads.
Across the river, by Huayllamas a stony chácaras planted

alfalfa was fed to livestock, and in the heights of the most
savored highlands cattle pastures of “bunch grass”. At

the foot of the Casa Grande , The viewpoint to the “hot
springs” was always full of pigeons and poultry by the

stacks of wheat, encircled with “cactus” that gave sprout


“cochineal” and “tunas” yellow maroon. The “choloques”

were natural soap and antiseptic foam shell left.

Usually spent the holidays in September from 14 in

Corongo or used to go to the “farm” often. Went hunting

with the “Winchester “Familiar with horses” Culebrita
“or” The Tito “, which marked the passage in place; very

harnessed and full of verve, turtle mount, wide stirrups
and ornate silver jets that were the best of the stables.
Atacho was dating guide who entertained me with his
usual horse thieves and cattle rustlers stories. Only once a

year could see. From sourness, despot, cold and calculating,
sniffing every natural phenomenon, but it was a powerful

man, being Tápaco of the property and took care of
It was said that Atacho lived in their own way and did
not allow more than meddling grandfather Ezekiel. Cholo
was dark, tall, brown eyes were quite clear that glowed in
a strange way, it was hard and strong.
! Never mess with him! Etelvina mama told me, you’ll
never break and of course that we’ll listen. He lives at
your leisure, but we were friends despite knowing that

her pride collapsed to feel self-conscious and full of pain
knowing that I was the boss’s son. I guess he felt angry

like all settlers of the place.

We rode down the canyon on the trail of a wounded
deer and Juliana used to tell his girlfriend, who was in
charge on the estate of Requirement homemade Grandma.

Supe that they liked a lot. Needed to form a family

told me. She was a woman of home. Knowing that meant

a lot in life of Atacho, so I wanted to find out for sure one

of those days in September.


We got off the horse, tied him strong in the rings of the
terrace of the house and went stomping with prey in their
hands. It was a tender doe.
Juliana was too beautiful and modern, very young life
had to offer more than a rural life dull and boring. It was
a lovely girl, gentle, dark, with black eyes, loose hips,

breasts provident, with many years of relationships, they

had everything organized and I think it was enough to
raise a family.
I mean it you told me Atacho child, not if you think like
me. I’m working, I get married, have children and adore

my wife. Juliana and I over the years we have understood

perfectly. I am excited, I want to be my life.

`Juliana was more attractive than beautiful, but its appeal

had a special angel. The whole community said it
was the most sexy chola Valley, a woman who liked her
eighteen years.

The farmers who came down from the other estates to

the party of the people kidnapped at night and Juliana

the Zarca Rosa , To sate his drunken and probably dirty
sexual appetites. Atacho aware of the fact with the foremen

desperate looking everywhere and found a “lliclla”

Juliana and followed its trail on the way to the cowardly
captors. Back in the “Breaking” parochial party probably

have to see them.

You realize child? With the flat position, the date of the

wedding and Juliana suddenly disappears. Atacho was


desperate and was not at least, everything was ready to
get married and had through many years of serious relationships.

Nobody understood why the rapture had occurred

no sign of life in any of the girls. Juliana was his

true dream, your future, your present. They agreed the

wedding these days of September. They made love for a

long time and decided to get married and have a family.
Atacho wondering here and there, going by the pens

with dogs, in the hamlets and pongos, looking for traces

of his girlfriend but no one gave him reasons, except that

there were many strange people coming up to town to the
“Feast the 14 “ .
The Church operates a social activity certainly picturesque.

Religious holidays with his entourage multicolor

processions and parades enrich the landscape. There is
an anxiety in waiting and worrying fervor in proximity
to the festivities of this day of September. It is a religious

and social turmoil. Youth turns his vehemence and hearts

quench their anguish. Also bring in its wake, armed robbery

and drunkenness. But religious faith grows and spirits

anoint a mystical piety. The lavish pomp of a liturgy
becomes more grandiose and solemn, adds color and celebrity.

To this august occasion comes up all the wealth of

worship, its ceremonies and gala choreography, his rite
of celebration, his florid style. Images flaunt their rich
and jeweled dresses, priests and their ornaments of gold
and preens to membership in their best clothes. It is a fair
sumptuousness and luxury .. transports and dazzle as saffron

robes, gold brocade and trimmed with chrysoberyls

dalmatics of carbuncles and topaz, spinel and amethyst,
carnelian gems and. Tremolan wakes his bright purple


and glow chalice covers its whiteness through festoons of
gold. In the Temple of San Pedro de Corongo, the profusion
of candles excites the imagination, the flowers everywhere

and offerings of her perfume and tulle veils hanging

from the apses are lost in the cloud of incense. The
voices of the choir languish in this atmosphere, and snatch

conturban, bounce in the vaults, penetrate souls and make
you dream and rise in the melody. In the Lord’s desclave

Holy Week , The faithful touched by the scene of Calvary

snatch in tears, burst into heartfelt pain. And the masses

flagellated inconsolable sobbing in terror.
After Temple comes polychrome display splendor of
processions. The arrangement of the walk is also a matter
of religious mysticism and special style. In the surrounding

streets “rattles” crackle and betting punctuate the
mood. There are columns of wax tufts snatch and altars

matches multicolored, embossed and carved with care.
But what stands out most are the wax castles, monuments

of art true devotees carry on their men, while troupes of
festivities cabriolean a dance native to the “champaras.” Is

the dance of the “Shacshas”.
Such language and liturgy in religious festivals these
days of September. Through them an emanation of beauty

springs or magnetic fluid so loved and longed for Catholic

In this event “The Breakdown” by legendary fame, is
where the popular bands in one of the nights of the festival

offer its melody unnerving. The devotees with candle
in hand dancing their dream; dressed couples burst to the
center and give the intoxication of dance. Women or men
who garbean alone, just glimpse a person of your choice, a

milestone we are at your side and twisted in the pace and


intrigue are delivered to the whirl of the dance. Maybe

that’s why the Zarca kidnapped and Juliana. Bubbling

the drink and sherry or anise Monkey, an occasional cry

goes out in the noise or moan like a compass the party.
And thousands of souls won in the streets full of melody
meet the rite. The light of dawn to dawn scares couples.
On the sidewalks a aduerme up his vertigo, while the devout

with out the candle still raving nostalgic rhythms .
Romantic couples and swarm of young people who

have given the word or have been abducted to come to

parties come together in corners to the music of “chirocos”

and assume an air of neatness and couples are arenas and
groom their rhythms. Then there is a period of anxiety

and emotional drain. People return to their land or their

villas and nothing ever happened here. Some daring lover
who has prowled after groups after some elusive beauty
of a manotón him away from his partner and bear it. The
rapture as stealthy and bold has warned the unfortunate
man, as Atacho, which has suffered the loss of his beloved.
And music continues undaunted sensual and voluptuous
urging the adventure and bliss.

Bar Harbor, September 2004

The Blue Diamond The Bohemia

It was the finest Bohemian yungainas gatherings of his

time. The mother was very rich and very beautiful. Life

in full bloom son was very tender and helpless. A family

managed the way to get Goyo heir of that and had

to grow through hardship. He was forced to emigrate.

The rigor of the life of the poor made him a strong man.
To earn a living went through many occupations to become

a barber. With the experience and wisdom of this


office would try his luck. Later it was presented to the
family’s house who held their assets and warned him that

he had been determined to retrieve native heritage and
that from that moment habíase to have you as owner. And
to the dismay of the family ordered the settlers to follow
him. Thus came John Gregory to Huashcao. Eight days

celebrated that event.

Goyo became the idol of the hacienda. Were the peasants

who made up the name of love. For front stopped being

called to respond to Juan Gregorio Goyo. The parties

founded regained their celebrity. Everything was renovated

and even managed to land yield their best gains.
The simplicity of the countryside, life without complications,

the immensity of the snow, the magnificence of
the foundations of Huascaran that sat in their domains
marveled John Gregory. This gave the music dreamy and

no company but his trusty guitar Lilia ..
That old familiar instrument that the mother had

pressed at the pinnacle of her beauty was to him not only a

relic, but the beloved faithful who accompanied her from
childhood. There was between him and the guitar so that
the strings vibrate entailment the magician’s desire only
as a musical delirium transidas capsized the idea and feeling

of voices populating the stage like abilities. That guitar

was one more person in the family. In arpeggio centuries
had become so sensitive that seemed to speak: the echo of
his voice was enough to make it vibrate. Beside her was

not alone.
That was the great beloved guitar and sublime passion
Goyo. Before she shuddered and felt that his being flooded
in this rapture of tenderness and emotion that was fresh in


every encounter gave him a heartthrob paganism. It was
like the meeting of lovers or as stealthy long awaited appointment.

He took her in his arms with love and reverence, as he
takes a bride. And the vibration of that guitar as bard fantasy

were but a single melody. The as alienated and were

spellbound guitar like one being. And while the fingertips
rested on the ropes as wise or running down the frets like
a flock of dragonflies arpeggios kisses flowed like Goyo

and soul came to a climax and ecstasy.

He never knew why that guitar was called Lilia. Its

shape is accented woman. The recess has those wavy lines
that form the beauty of the body. Scalloped and decorated

with inlaid mother of pearl highlight in her abelia,
Half Moon, Apollo butterfly and other oriental ornaments

based on the lily. On the top two lions standing back holding

a lyre.
This guitar was in Saudi in a store Tebuk and sérralos

orgies of those burning sands, panel ruled melodies,
was born on erotic poems wilderness captive in the castle

impostaciones Hussiff had fits of melancholy and the

crashing sea that island. Ben abula the end of the war in
the league with the crescent Venice and there was music
night on the water cushioned his anguish. He was in the
court of Vienna held by a Spanish nobleman and guitar

imbibed the nostalgic waltz carried Sevilla was infected
with the lively rhythms of the region. Napoleon invaded

Spain, the Conde de San Donuts took her to Peru, and in

the shelter of Yañac, that guitar orchestrated the princely

romance San Donuts with the Marquise Carlota. The fate

of the noble guitar stayed in Huashcao and there Goyo’s
mother lived the wonderful world of one tree. The instru24


ment captivated by the beauty of its owner renewed his

romantic destination melodramó scenes of glory and grief
of that exalted women.
In Huashcao guitar in the hands of Goyo liked cosmic

melody, from the cooing of the zephyr in the countryside

to the roar of storms in the snowy summit.
Scholar and a flow rate of legendary tunes in her repertoire

that guitar is now a treasure of the writer of these
lines. It gave John Gregory as a pledge of who to take to

wife Milushka not re-gatherings.

Very recently turned the Bard this promise. Meanwhile,

the guitar is as expected. Air or the echo of a sound vibrates

and recall.

John Gregory had a regal handsomeness and masculinity

arts and music. Head up and strong brow, the wealth
of muscles and their vehement expression gave a size of
fighter. It was the conception of the “David” by Michelangelo.

It is easy to imagine the elegance with which alternated

in social life. It was the epitome of chivalry.

In the taverns did not flag his dominion. In his hands
the cups were like sacred vessels that had to hurry with
reverence. No rites had in their frivolous ways, and never

descended to vulgarity. Manipulating bottles and glasses

as an artist.
It was the crusader of bars and pubs where he went watered

daily dose of fantasy that was necessary. His physical

strength saved him ridiculous scenes drunks. He never

lost his balance. The highlight was the taster and also the

most consistent wine parishioner. With that he poured the
red relish and elegance that offered what seemed to hurry
liquid rubies or carbuncles.


The bountiful nature has given their best clothes to
women of “Callejón de Huaylas”. Beautiful as a bouquet

of lilies, is the dawn its pink tint and matte gold sun shine.
The atmosphere lends his reverie tersidad and countryside

and its refinement and elegance. This woman has the

extraordinary and dazzling beauty that makes you dream.

Simple as a jasmine flower crystal like a drop of water in

the númen of bards and torment of love.
Love this woman in this paradise is to enjoy the pleasure

of happiness in the soul carrying the melody of his affection,

feel the scent of her beauty and charm of his touch,

that the reality surpasses the imagination and transport

the spirit is a natural state, is a grace and a wonder and
something like a treasure that will enrich whole existence.

In the archaic Greek sculpture gods smiled: it was the

attribute of divinity. In women the Callejon de Huaylas
no smile without enraptured gaze or look angelic smile
love without. This smile is an outpouring of being, the
image of the soul or the symphony of his most intimate
desires. Nothing more beautiful or more delicate than a

smile. Whoever gives sublimates, the recipient gets drunk

with happiness.

The power of a smile is here immeasurable. The music
is so exquisite and extraordinary prelude, but most of the

music here has a smile on his lips kisses sheet music that
no human has been able to implement. From painting has
the blush tones that soften, but rather than paint the smile

is here in the rosy cheeks excitement of an illusion that
no brush has been able to capture .. From the sculpture
has the emotional purity of its lines, but most of the sculpture

is here smile enigmatic movement sweetness. From
the literature has the power of eloquence, but more than


the smile of literature has the charm of a language that
soothes and delights. Here is a penetrating look like a light

and says lampo lays up in the mysteries of the soul. It is

the conversation of the angels and the word of the gods. A
look and a smile that intersect more poems forge all literary

gold resources.
Here at the meeting point of two looks souls commune
while the bridal hymns orchestrate smiles. Smile Here is

the sketch of a flower that has opened in the heart or the

light of some illusion that has awakened in the soul. Here
the fate of being is in a smile, she lavished the hearts fate
is sealed. Is that a smile is the ballad of dream and love


The woman was in the life of a melody Goyo more or

one more song. He looked at them the nuances of beauty;
took some panache and smile, in other case only the look
or the music of his voice or the sweetness of the face. I never

knew how many were their beloved. From each revelry

came with two or more dating. Never did fortune flaunts

her beau .. His fans adored him from religious worship to


Love never finished. Poe’s passion tube. Each woman

was a new revelation of art. And his whole attitude was

influenced by his erotic euphoria. It was a full sensory

power or giving it power and strength. A rumor saturating

roaring sex life. Something mythical and legendary
that gave him an aura of sexiness that transcended metaphysical

principles: love and creation. That is the meaning

of life for him. As much as sublimated eroticism or
would have transposed into metaphor or symbol transfiguration

those leaving a soft subtle tone permeated most
pervasive effervescence that made intimate é illusion.


Never had emptiness in my heart. He always lived loving.

There was a womanizer, nor sought satiety: chasing

novelty in the beauty and art. It was like a quest for perfection

or concern to find where diluted. This is a state of

mystical asceticism.

Unstable: was your level of excellence. Never thought

love more than one woman. And it was so. Never had simultaneous

passions. The change was a matter of pace for

him. I thought that was a being estranged lover by passion
and feared that the slightest touch with reality could disfigure

touch which justified that time to pass to another

love. Not that seek an archetype or had in mind the image

of a beloved imaginary, no. Each beloved was for him his

first love, his only love, she exalted and ideal lady. That’s

why I never got to boredom.
Love lit her existence and craving gave eternity that
he carried. Hence every one of his loves were inseparable

and that his secret range of nostalgia and melancholy
The origin of his love came over spiritual emotions of
his physical anxiety. Amar was for him to be in reverie.
To be loved, it was something that went beyond all his
ambition. It was like a deity figure. Never knew where he
came from his passion anxiety, unless you stop to think

that perhaps it was not the consequence of that stormy
search for the impossible or hopeless encounter with unmatched

beauty of his mother.

It was a neurotic, was normal. He rose and relish their
erotic universe came to him as compensation for the orphans
who came to the death of his mother, and the con28


sequent lack of affection, to the hardships and frustrations
of childhood and the absence of the first illusions to open

the horizons life.

Despite what their loves and passions eternal life was
not a slave to them, because the next love quickly released
him. Not forget that, no. Sometimes again by the grace

flavor or any of your loved ones. And this was her act reunion


Never was obscene. Despite the wealth of their affair did

not fall in lust. His honesty governed more by moral principles

that gave more substance conventions. Hence his

perenclitud and halo of seduction that give him fame. In

the fire of temptation had enough courage to put Tristan’s
sword between his male arrogance in heat and vehement
outburst of Aphrodite.

Each new love helped him to swing the hobby. In his

arms the beloved is flooded in reverie: a melody was a

caricature. And Goyo as if you pressed only was given to

the rapture chords artistic. So that his desire to raise the

heavenly realms stage to float and dream.

Idealized idealized women as much as love. All his passion

was to worship rather than enjoy. Hence his amatory

metaphysics and delirious that he lived. And not insatiable

dissatisfaction would fill with all the charms of the

earth but above beyond union of souls.

To Goyo love was just a flash of emotion divinity of
man, because it believed that the lover is possessed by a
god and that love was a heavenly grace. On the other hand
loves Goyo from grade to grade is ennobling: it was already

something of a dreamy melody, plus a cult or religious

devotion that sublimation of affection.


Never shied away from the lid of love .. Admired discarding

prejudices which he declared his love. Do not disappoint.

He had for them the fervor of his gallant chivalry

and gentility to its admiration.
One day Juan Gregorio met Milushka, ancestry authentic

coronguina conchucano it reached Yungay to move
on. When she was fifteen her hair was a flash of fire. As

much as soon hold him let go and if curled was fastened.

So was bound to be loose. In Milushka gray eyes had this

light that say they were embers alive. There is no doubt

that tone that emanated lit fire and burned her exotic face.

The slim body, high flexible and eccentric movements had

something like a floating ode pace of his being. It was extraordinary.
Soon there to alarm the people. As often complained

that at night they threw “ashes” had to see us set
out to investigate. Indeed at six or seven p.m. began the

siege. It exorcised the house and took all precautions. All
to no avail. And when Milushka ever said that an invisible

tried to snatch from the hand of his mother, we were
obliged to change of place.

Such was Milushka. Something in her magic or spell. A

flower chlorotic to which an inner fire was burning as an

incense. We were neighbors of goyo. And the high voltage

of these characters ended up joining them.

Marriage is not the bard bohemian cut short. Milushka
beside it was like a gazelle. Not intended to take advantage

of this union and never interfered with her husband’s
romantic vocation. Juan Gregorio found in Milushka that
ineffable charm that comes from honesty and happiness,

and for him, libertine and precarious these feelings were
cordial and the revelation of a higher world.


There Milushka left as in a temple. Do not mixed in their
affairs. And this sybaritic found a new form of worship beyond

the beauty and the world: in the immortality of the
ideas of harmony and ineffable feelings of goodness. On
this basis and concepts that are not laxative with boredom
nor enervate with pleasure, built his home. Those foundations

were made of carbon diamond of all his passions.
From here in the turmoil of his lovers, his wife lived in the

comfort of your dissatisfaction and the element of your

Goyo not lost her love of bard and musician and livelihoods

of its bohemian finished his heritage. Poverty gave

the advantage to select their friends. A tight line of faithful
and sincere jugglers surrounded him and made him forget
his ruin. He reopened his shop and began again his celebrity

until his wife gave him a son, and others. Then Goyo

emigrated. It was established in Lima and was the focus of

the colony.
The sharp struggle daily activity was to undermine his
health and his death came as the end of one of his songs.

The culture of Juan Gregorio was exquisite. The result
more than your intuition and practice of colleges and
academies. His manner had the kindness and sympathy
over and spread, their conversation was placid and pleasant

your company. Consequently their philosophical principles

had to be simple and hard drive were to idealism.
Had some family principles to live alone and others to face
life. A procession of standards sistematicales with poetic

Comedian and juggler of bohemian owned such spiritual

freedom in streams overflowed. Among the seduc31


tion, the theories of the philosophers and the illusion of

their own preferred hypothesis they risk that mancornarse
in those.

Not a fan of utopia not a crass materialist. He liked the

lymph of reality to idealize and elevate. He seduced spiritual

being so high because I thought it was best float.

The fleeting life of inexorable time and did not trouble
him, or anything affecting the feeling of tomorrow and the
future in which he lived. He understood that life was an inextinguishable

light that is held with the holocaust of man

and that the clash of ideas of life and death was a matter of
unity. Never disconsolate and disappointed with this certainty.

In contrast to the problems that arise contradictions

of life, found reasons to believe. It would not accept life as
a learning terrifying death, but as the experience which
exceeds intelligent man and shapes the world.
Hence, only the fate of that holocaust, ie lifestyle, could
sustain a dignified and decent existence and to give the
feeling of immortality that inform notions of tomorrow
and the future. Then what mattered was the style to rule

your life and not live in her divorce. The style as a means
and an end and the rebellion as an aspiration to justice and
order. Understood that the rebellion will to revolution, ie
towards the evolution and infinity where converging notions

of music and love with all that its range of lyric poetry

and romantic spell from which position they take in the
beauty and art as eternal values you feel and live.

And for Goyo, no bohemian style as best resolved the
problem of living. The bohemian as a metaphysical principle

and dialectical formula: this is the confrontation at

the world from a point of view of sense of humor that’s


tragic. The Bohemian widened their fantasy and created
wonderful scenes which governs melody and drive endlessly

remakes the world.

In the orphan of John Gregory, is where the mystique

of his personality. The sudden death of the mother in full
bloom, the despair and pain of abandonment at the beginning

of life, the myth of the beauty of the woman, so deep
impressions were never moved out of his mind. Love,
beauty and death, a mixture diabolical or satanic liquor to
allocate or despair for humanity. They were also the first
emotions that led to the taverns sinking in the intoxication.

To forward the wine was to be their livelihood and

also the element of regeneration and salvation.
The wine soothed her anxiety and gave him the enjoyment

of taste and feel the pleasure and then escape in
transporting the soul. And there, in that world of dreams

was happy. His fantasy was enriched and bohemian vein

overflowing charged lyricism. Perhaps it was illogical, in
this state of intoxication had gotten hold that a state of imperturbability

and ataraxia is natural pleasure had been

the basis of his theories of coexistence those governed by
the harmony that authority.
In the tavern found a community of unhappy beings
who captained and the lights did not degrade. He created

a mystique and outlined a liturgy. He argued that
drinking and drunkenness was chosen who managed to
scoop through liquor vapors mansions purified traced

Edenic vision of dreams which flooded the soul and heart

in raptures inexpressible. Such was the tavern to Goyo. It

is worth saying as Omar Khayyam, do some soul sitting
in a tavern or prostrate in a mosque with the soul gone?
I never knew if the wine was transferred to the wom33


an or was the reverse. Less if the music in the outburst
prompted him to rush tone of drunkenness or intoxication

had influenced the refinement of chords and ethereal

melody that he lived wrapped the troubadour. And as

Omar Khayyam, a favorite teacher, I try to seek the truth
at the bottom of the pleasures of life, through the wine,
women and music. Hence his aesthetic epicuriana, habits
to Aristophanes or Lucretius, their propensity to sensual
pleasure and enjoyment of life, its refinement in love, its
ethical principles and Platonism and Stoicism that your
mind and your excellence of Petronius .
And storyteller and dreamer that sank into the softness
like a melodic soliloquy. His awakening to reality was his
daily longing and melancholy temperament that made
him “the blue diamond of bohemia”. There he found Heraclitus

and he knew everything that flows goes and what
remains is the penalty or the memory or the illusion of
It came to the mystical stormy lovemaking, to that state
of mystification to that thirst for intoxication that led him

to be a qualified gymnosophist bohemian rare and crimp

with pantheism and Indian asceticism. Here he attended
one of his favorite teachers, Rabindranath Tagore, architect

of universal harmony and poet of the beauties of nature
that captivate the bard. And Omar Khayyam made him

an insider. Did not advance. Was enough and amply filled

tagoriana poetics. And tracking down Omar went back to

Saadissy, carvers and engravers Iranian verse. There he
stayed for satisfaction and conviction and to have found

such similarity with his mystical Andean Indian rebel and
a submission Olympic serenity of God.

It is these contacts that came oriental taste. He found the


names for their children Jashi, Rabrindanat and Milushka.
His artistic vocation is revealed in music. Guitar virtuoso

instrument plucked more rapturous harmonies, sang

with her the memory of the mother, that splendid beauty
dazzled generations who were lucky enough to admire.
She sang her melancholy and longing, her grief and joy,

the landscape offered by his stage and the woman who
offered her beauty. So it brought out the musician and the

poet wearing native in nature. Teachers Lamb and Ramos,
celebrities of that set, the pentagram trasportaban Bard
melodic creations.
Jocundo improviser, minstrel and fantasist, elegant
gentleman and Mender, an expert on compliments, compliments

warbler, smarmy and admirer devastated ventorrillo

jargon and irony of couplets cafe to offer subtle
and carols lays rapturous. Winner of all the fair had no

rival. The same Mr. Flaco, illustrious bard had it Caracino

per teacher. Its production, perhaps without knowing

it had a lot of symbolism and expressionism. Influenced

by the flutes and panpipes, by landslides and frost, the
beauty of the landscape and woman their feelings were
more tactile and conceptual style plastic. His characters

were real, but giving some fictitious taste himself being
almost always the protagonist of all his creations. Romantic

to the bohemian decadence and his muse nature
of wine, women and music were the key ingredients.

But his masterpiece was undoubtedly the serenade.
Original and dazzling Used garb and with a distinguished

retinue he settled at the foot of a balcony or a window to
give up their epigrams and duchísimas subtle melodies ..
Theatrical, his body was like the seventh string Lilia, his
guitar, vibrating as much or more, convulsing on the mu35


sical outpouring was a wonderful lyre chords. While the
timbre of his voice and the music of his instrument despabilaban

rent the space and the dream of the maidens, he
felt his body transmuted. His fevered hands were pinned
to “Lilia” and a great ability prays the tender and soft

pulsing like something desfalleciera, now washed away
and violent as if something would break out. It was a musical

pyrotechnics. Sounds like embers amounted ruby or

aurora dawns as rains roses or flocks of blackbirds. The
greedy and deep voice was amazing, his impostaciones
arrobaban and dismayed his falsetto naughty and jovial.
For these serenades had the care of choosing appropriate

songs and music, voice primped, polished and knew
edulcararlas falls dulcet tones and tones of conjurers.
Then his lyrical hymns or burst into smiles, cries in pain
or shock the audience was doing and transfigure the bard.

Goyo was no longer but a vibrating string or be alienated.
And the melody from saturating the scene was, spreading
sweetness and yielding to the angelic maidens in a dream.
Other times the nightly rounds landfall at the foot of
the cemetery. The cemetery that rises like a pyramid provides

concentric platforms where the rows of niches and
mausoleums are an architectural marvel. The day is awesome

and the night is solemn. At the foot of that iron fence
and in front of that cold polished granite steps the voice of
John Gregory tore tore the soul and the heart. The music
went through all the springs distressing pain, was an elegy

lacertante in which the anguish and despair seemed to

ooze the tragedy and devastation of the fatherless and the
feeling of the men touched by the memory of the lost ones.
In solitude where silence has a mystique and the stage at

night is magical, musical prayer Bard was a cry of pain


and also a claim to the cruel fate that blinded dear mother.

And while the melody was getting sore, voices muttering

like abilities in the hope of seeing emerge exhalations
emitted beloved figure and that seemed to escape the soul
to go to meet the be invoked
John Gregory did not know models and did not try

to imitate anyone. Ignored the grammatical syntax and

poetic meter, so its production is more raw material. So
dissolute style and literary insouciance, without schools

and without isthmuses, hence also its lyrical simplicity,
so clear and soft, non-admitted artifice. His compositions
therefore had to be exempted from schools and alambicamientos.

It came down to a perspective of assonance and
metaphors that revolved around an internal rhythm that

meter franqueaba free, and as far was enough to submit
to breath test .. Otherwise I would not have been able to

express their fantasy. Their semantic resources were also
simpler, seemed the aura that surrounds the landscape,
hence the figures in green or blue, its redundancy zephyr,
his brilliance shining sun or snow, depth of top or summit,

his vaporicidad and evanescence of cloud, their talk of
minstrel and even their licenses mariposeantes bohemian.
His desire for absolute and for unity formed in him that

absurd size and rebellious man, and consequently had to
penetrate the literary anarchism.
Hence his uncontrolled insurgent style schools or morals

and reason class, attentive only to that wonderful harmony
of the images and things psychic automatism compass

to carry André Breton display the flag of the “fields
magnetic surreal “to assert the dominance of the experience

of the inner life.


His rhyme was isochronous. Consequently antithetical
and counterpoint the bottom of the plastic and originality

was not a tune distances tone to encourage the movement
for vocal harmony. It would have been ungrateful task to

adjust tunes adocenar words, points and measures.
He had only one element to keep time foreshock of a
sentence or period. Otherwise his pace was something
like the metric of the geometry of the plants or the concert

pitch in the heat of flowers or as the rate of the trill of

birds singing in the dawn. The melody and the resulting
pleasure more question from a set of cadences and pauses

of the rhythmic units and internal musicality function of
It is also noted in the composition of the bard the prevalence

of verbal ideas using words indistinct set into curd
syntax and ellipses. The presence of ideas in the same
sense circle, inspired and uneven tone, sometimes severe

or mild, the colors garish, severe or unstressed, his vehement

clear dark, mystery and gloom of their dichroism,

their falls or suspended, its ease unreal or studied or spontaneous
strain are showing no scholar writer but the minstrel

of the people.
Such plain or matted style in which literary treasures

are wasted or not utilized well in which the natural is
above the drawing and polish. Instead it showed some

effort in style concealed. His lack of knowledge exposed

him to seek the position epithets and rhetoric.
And culture enough to write and adhered only to the

idea that the composition is free and private equity learned

rehearse allowed brozas notes with the writers throw the
baskets. Beggar, begging for crumbs of color in the twilight,


gathering mists of tone in the doors of the philharmonic
and poking figures and rhythms that ateneos waste shed,

Juan Gregorio wanted to encourage people that mass or
unknown, without notion of syntax helpless teachers and

libraries to express himself is free, without euphemisms,
and with all that poverty which gives neglect. Instead of

finding the elegant neatness school artist, is found only
threadbare composition of the common man and instead
of pen florida rough and calloused hand of the worker

So Goyo compositions, “The Blue Diamond Bohemia”,
as they called it, were styled to serenade or accommodated

for revelry. If transpositions maimed or acquired special

appearance on entering the folklore. Touch to make

Goyo exegetes systematic exposition of his most intimate

concert singer and musician ..........




Rodrigo de Xeres and Luis de Torres, commissioned by
Columbus departed from Guanahani (San Salvador) to explore

mainland in 1492, going into the Central American

jungle. They could watch a show never before contemplated,

that the natives of the island threw fire and sipped
smoke from his mouth and nose without causing any apparent

discomfort. The Indians called this plant “Cojiva” or

“Cohiva” and North American Indians called it “Petum”.

In Peru they called “Sayri”. In Martinea and “Yetl”

north of Brazil. The aborigines of the Western Islands
called “Yoli” and “Shayli” in several northern communities

of Ancash.
The name of snuff would come as a instrument in a “Y”

Cuban natives used to get drunk with the exhalations of
smoke. This device is known by the Spanish under the

name of “snuff”. Possibly its name is owed to the province
of Tabasco, instead of New Spain and No Island to Tobago
in the West Indies as some authors.
Native Americans smoked mostly cigars wrapped in

corn husks or palm, others use it in pure, pipes, chewing
and snuff as we note in the box as tentative ecological sequences.

Use of this Solanum, the chroniclers tell us, was used
in rituals and witchcraft. Cobo says that the priests were

both confessors, doctors and sorcerers. Molina, the concerns

Cuzqueño Conasocas who were healers and knowledgeable

about all types of herbs including toxic. The


Yacaraes employing certain burners with many holes by
blowing with canutos copper and silver, and as the fire

out these holes are responding to what consulted. (Diviners

Huaro village Cuzco). The Ayatapue, asking questions

to the dead and the Wizards that lulled toxic to men,

dreamily required her to respond to your questions. And
Huirapircos, who guessed by smoke, known as Sayrapircos

Montesinos. We refer you to conquer love, magician
ate a quantity of cocaine, green and cinnamon snuff, after
taking a garment of the person who is trying to conquer.
After invoking the spirits sang with the things that has offered

the “dacha of love” buries it in a pot and near two
rivers, to what he calls “Tincue”. The Indians believed that
this procedure takes effect while any person may deviate
from that love.
Peru could locate the origin of this plant within the Archaic

and Formative end, having found evidence of its use,
although probably not in the process of domestication.
No doubt the savage stage followed by the experience of
the collector, “their appearance does not mark the estblecimiento

of barbarism”. However we would consider

development level studies. Many plants have been recovered

in archaeological establishments. “The more or less
accurate techniques of cronologización, like Radio Carbon,
allowed the temporary location of the samples and finally,
associations have recovered samples allow their location

within given cultural context, analysis of the material, on

the other hand, part of the separation of plants into two
large groups: Cultivated and Wild “. The snuff was never

tame or the Archaic or Formative.

Alden Mason in Cultist Period (850-500 BC) includes

Guañape period (3.200 to 1.250 BC) where snuff tubes are

powder and stone basins, apparently to use snuff.


Freedrio Engel, plus find in the preceramic, talking
about the use of wood at the site of Asia (Lima-Peru) tells
us tablets and snuff tubes. The tablet is carved inside a

carved plate 5mm. Long and 10mm. Deep. It measures

132 x 82 x 15mm. The tube is 28mm. Long and hard wood

is probably artificially hollowed on all sides. These parts

are analogous to those found by Bird on the Chilean coast.
Then tells us that also appears on the horizons associated
with ceramics.

We do not need historical use of this alkaloid. We found
widespread in different American Atlantic islands, also in

North, Central and South America as well as in Australia

reproduced spontaneously Suaveolens Nicotinum species

and their varieties, shapes adopted as Holmes refers huge
measuring about four meters .
Botanists reduced to a single species the usual snuff or
nicotine tabacum, whose characteristics, thin film, light colors

and taste. Another kind of snuff is Pediculata Nicotine
and Nicotine Paperback, wild, used by the Peruvian natives
and known both in the mountains and on the coast. Such

plants were found used for mummification of corpses, no
doubt because it was found that the decomposition of the

leaves over the meat, prevented the formation of cadaveric
fauna and consequently its decomposition or putrefaction.
The Rustic nicotiana was cultivated by American Indians

but for poor quality was discarded by British colonization,
beginning to import seeds of Venezuela and Cuba.

Father Labat Snuff divided this species of Verina, Des
Amazones Tabac, Tabac Petum Legran Alanque and
leaves long, fleshy and hairy.
This plant is called Nicotiana tabacum, as we said clas42


sified in Botany. Derived from the name of John Nicto,
Ambassador of France to Lisbon, which led product Snuff
Islands to their homeland and gave it to his Queen Catherine

de Medici, by which he was known to it by the name of

“Yerba de Queen “. France authorizes self consumption,

after analyze it and see that it was not dangerous. From
France spent his consumption to England and became
widespread throughout Europe.
In honor of the name of the importer (John Nicot) the
learned Swedish naturalist Linnaeus Charles (1707-1778)

classifies and gives the name of Nicotiana tabacum. The

generic name derives it from Nicto and specific for bringing

her Tabado Island. This clas snuff is little cultivated,
there are better species and it belongs to the family Solanaceae

and class of Fanerógamas.
The varieties are many, and obtained by natural breeding

and artificial. The Taxonomy of the genus Nicotiana

is confusing and very long. The most interesting are the

Nicotiana tabacum, and Nicotiana Nicotiana Macrophulla

The merit of having introduced the snuff in Europe is

the Spanish missionary Fray Roman Pane, who sent him

to the Emperor Charles V, introducing its cultivation on
the Continent. If it had been named the alkaloid “Panum”

meaning “Panum Tabacum”.

Wightman W. Garner says that Don Francisco Hernández

de Toledo, returning from America to Spain in 1559,
took the seed and was cultivated as a medicinal plant
and described Nicholas Monardes, Medical and Seville

in 1574 Naturalist who tells us that some Indians
of New Spain made a snuff pellets which placed in the


lower lip and teeth, per diem serve them to walk three
or four days without discomfort of hunger or thirst.
In England Rural Nicotiana was introduced by Sir Richard

Grenville and Ralph Lane captain in 1565, from Florida.

Sir Francis Drake, in 1573 introduced the Nicotiana

tabacum. The “pipe” is led by Sir Walter Raleig and its use

was act of refined elegance. In 1600 the British lead Russia

Rustic Nicotiana.

In 1556 André Thevet Monge, the return of Brazil to

France is the first to grow it at home, making references to

its medicinal properties.

Prospero Cardinal Santa Croce, Nuncio. Were grown
in the gardens of Rome and received the Apostolic in Portugal,

introduced in Italy in 1561. name “La Yerba Holy


During the first half of the sixteenth century the use and

cultivation of this plant, spread to Belgium and Holland.

The Portuguese introduced in Japan, Korea and Manchuria

to reach China. They also introduced in India.

It was the Turks who took the snuff to Greece and possibly

Arabs took him to Africa in the seventeenth century.
The use of snuff and non-commercial scale production

begins in the United States of America, Virginia, for the
year 1612.
In Peru in the early republican freedom is established
culture and industrialization of this product. The traditional

areas were tobacco and was complementary to other

products panllevar. The areas were limited to the Department

of Amazonas, Loreto, Lambayeque, Piura and
Cuzco Ancansh. The home industry predominated, preferred

foreign production.





The earthquake of 1746, no doubt shocked the entire

civilized world. Almost term beginning Manso de Velasco,

more than three thousand people perished. Plague and

famine followed this catastrophe. The Viceroy Superunda
took all necessary measures to contribute to “chop up the

mess” and did all in their power to cancel the property of
the Royal Treasury.
Trade, whose ailments stem from racism, fails to interrupt

the contrary, intensify, especially with the sent of
quicksilver. In 1746 Ensenada Marquez in his letter of August

4, referred to His Majesty’s approval of Snuff Tabac

to remeasure the hardship of the Royal Hacdienda. Real
Rents had as its object the greater good of the Internal Revenue,

“Help, conservation subsistence realms as seen in
the 1st Act. Title 32, Lib. 5 of the compilations of Castile.

Don Thomas Chavaque, presented to the Viceroy a
project for the establishment of the Real Income of Snuff

in this capital, to see in their consumption a source of income

for the crown of Spain and to be an effective source
of revenue. The CEOs of Madrid, then deliver your opinion

to your listing, sent by His Excellency Mr. Marquez de

la Ensenada, creating for the first time the Trust in Peru.

Previously, the initiative of the Viceroy Manso de Velasco,

by royal decree of October 1747, a draft 1647 data, in time

for its creation Castelar.


In another query to your majesty, the October 27, 1747,

issued a Proclamation on April 22, 1752 creating the General

Administration of Tax on Snuff. To that end by Decreo

of May 4, 1752, discounted at tercias parties were
the subjects of Snuff Tabac, delivered by edict published
for its establishment. “This separation will flow into the

Treasury of this office. For finding out the Real Hacienda,

when ordered by the Superior Government and take the

ratio of this Decree in the Accountant General of the Court

of Accounts and Income.

This administration gave in this capital beginning May

12, 1752, in Snuff Powder and March 8, 1753 with Snuff
in Rama, from whose dates were formed ordinances and
published in 1759.
Income Administration, comprised also Santiago

and Tucuman, Concepción, Arequipa, Guamanga

(Huancavelica). La Paz, Cuzco, Cochabamba, Potosí,

Trujillo and Buenos Aires. Forming the Viceroy Amat’s

“Snuff Board Accounts and Watertight Systems”.
Income Before settling, was inventoried the existence
of tobacco and cigars throughout Peru, from 1745-1750

was introduced 706.328 pounds of snuff and there were

303.642 pounds. The Board consists of the Viceroy Don

Pedro Bravo de Rivera, Don Pedro Bravo de Castilla, the

Master Hervoso Francisco School and Don José Nieto de

Lara, wrote the first Rules and Tabac was established.
The administrative staff in the beginning was made by
the Director of Income of Snuff, Jose Nieto de Lara, at an
annual salary of four thousand weight, the Accountant
and Secretary Don Jose Pradas, with a salary of three thousand

dollars a year; Treasurer, Marquez de Castellón, with
1200 pesos annually: The Chief Clerk and Secretary of the


Department, Don José de Alvarellos, with 1200 pesos other

Officers and Clerk, each with a salary of five hundred

dollars were a total annual of S/.11, 400 pesos fixed to the

Real Income of Snuff.

Sealed with 411.881 The books began snuff why

pay S /. 263.530 pesos. It was sold by the Tobacconist

and newsstands, enabled everywhere. The snuff
on royal Rama from half to two reals per ounce,
calculating a tax profit of one hundred percent.
In an account of the supplements that made the Royal
Box Lima Tobacconist planning of snuff in these kingdoms,

and it flows supplied to your satisfaction, Don Jose

de Pradas reported to have spent S /. 103.983 pesos for
the first pay of tobacco dust and other expenses of its establishment

as the game has one sitting on sheet Cargo
Supplement of them formed Mr. Treasurer General of Income

to square one the 2nd ledger . From the General Accounting

Office, the May 8, 1752 for the purchase of snuff

in rma, the amount of S/.60, 000 pesos as stated at page 9

of the 1st book. Supplements and Ledger folio Three 2do.

This Accounts, on May 22, 1762 for a total of S /. 406.173

pesos, imported flows has supplied the Royal Box Lima,
and discounts and other assets hers, held in the Treasury

of the income for the Royal Tobacconist planning, and instruct

the items of this account, and ordered by the the 1st
book. Supplements of the Royal Treasury, which was filed

with the General Accounting Office on August 6, 1764.

Don Miguel Feijoo de Sosa, counter Real income for the

years 1763, formulated regulations for accounting and Income

status 23 that year, approved by the Viceroy Manuel

de Amat on February 8, 1764. “No doubt Alcabala being
one of the greatest contributions, the charge to collect it to


put Amat, found a significant increase in revenue.” The
memory check on your government to refer that since February

1754-1755 $ 70,248 dollars was raised and the 1st five

years. From February 1761 to the same month of 1779 the

product obtained was two million two hundred and fifty

thousand five hundred twenty-six pesos (2’250, 526,000).
The documents of the time they see that the place

we Sealed reduction in crops but then increase the
safety of sale by the latter system had the harvesters.
As an example see the calculations in the early years of
its inception. A bushel of snuff from Bracamoros, chopped,

net weight is 400 ounces to 9 real the pound, would be

$ 285 pesos which was the product of $ 55,411 / 2 pesos

in costs and expenses was a net profit of $ 12.2 pesos. It

shows that being virreynal of 179,200.00 consumption

of cigarettes per year, giving a profit of $ 101,870 pesos.

Whereas each quire for cutting cigarette manufacturing

accustomed cigarettes gives full sheet 60 therefore gives

each quire 13 to 1,600 cigarette paper hands would be required

for 400 ounces of snuff. So 30 ounces for each paper

In the Royal Box Lima Avaluavan species to reduce the
rights of checkpoints and almojarfazgos at fixed prices
and according to most estimates have elsewhere outside
price is estimated at over. So tobacco from Mexico were

10 pounds and 8 real reais of Havana, and Virginia were

snuff, Cartagena, Guayaquil, Bracamoros, Moyobamba,

Sana, weaklings and Quirquinchos.

By Bando published on April 24, 1752 to any individual
is forced to deliver all quantities of snuff powder had held

him to create the Royal Tobacconist, were created in the
city 16 newsstands and in the same house sealed the ter48


cena or wholesale. Until 1780 still retained the capital and

foreign newsstands sent to the General Administration of
the Archdiocese for the stands to the Treasury to be controlled

sale by the Accountant General. These fertilizers
are winding up their monthly book, sent annually to the
General Administration thus:

The Valladolid Street Estanquillo Mariano Manrique

de Lara. The Estanquillo San Lazaro Street Don Alejandro

Morales. The Estanquillo of Carmen Street Don Francisco

Calderon, The Street Estanquillo of Don Mariano San Pedro

Bazurto, the tercena Fertilizers Lima.

Estanquillo the Carmen Bridge of Don Mariano Vasquez.

Estanquillo Guadalupe Street.

Estanquillo the corner of Copacabana.

Estanquillo Otoyos the corner of E.

Estanquillo the corner of Quemado.

Estanquillo Monopinta the corner.

Estanquillo Shell corner.

Estanquillo Guaquilla the corner.

Street Estanquillo Jews.

Estanquillo the street from the Animas.

Estanquillo of the Plaza de la Merced.

Estanquillo the corner of lifes.

Estanquillo the corner of Ortiz.

Estanquillo Melchor Street Malo.
Street Estanquillo Orphans and Conception, Commodities.

Street Estanquillo Holy Spirit.


Fertilizers foreign newsstands de Lurigancho, Carabaillo,

Miraflores, Pueblo de Bellavista, Ate, Lurin and people

of the Magdalen, etc..

The following year in March, stagnation ensued Branch
or Leaf and gradually was being extended to the other
provinces of the kingdom.

The Tobacconist was of much benefit to the state and
the public, because the snuff that sale was made was

chosen, good quality and expended caused many engaged

in the manufacture of cigarettes forming a cottage

industry, which resulted in the formation of this

colonial industry that until last century was abolished
(1780) this system. And Watertight took over the production

of cigarettes, eliminating many of the business
lived. The indigent parent ran to the Third and the cost

of getting a good price short deck. It helped cigars down
to their children and in their short sale gain was the sure
means to survive. Many times these unfortunate loaded
with gray rejoiced with tears the courts of the Tobacconists,

considering them as a pious retreat to their misery.

Ordinances of 1759 to give him for the Government of

Manso de Velasco, Conde de Superunda were observed

by S. Majesty:

The Faithful of the kingdom Third (J.T.M.N 1134)
The Estamqueros at for less than the capital and provinces

of these kingdoms of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1133).

The Faithful of the Directorate General Stores Royal Tobacconist

(JTMN 1135).

The Treasurers of the General Administration of Real

Income (JTMN 1136).


Counters of the intervention of the General Administration

of Real Income of Snuff of Peru and Chile (JTMN


The Accountant General of the General Comptroller of
the Real Income of Snuff of these kingdoms and provinces
of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1138).

The Director General of the Royal Tobacconist of these

kingdoms and provinces of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1139).

The General Treasurer of Snuff Income of Peru and

Chile (JTMN 1140).

The Directors of the Real Rent particular Provinces and

parties of these kingdoms of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1141).

General visitors Snuff income of these kingdoms and

provinces of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1142).
The Chief Clerk of the Accountant General and Secretary

of the Snuff Tabac address these kingdoms of Peru
and Chile (JTMN 1143).
The general managers of Snuff Real Income of this kingdom

of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1144).

The Government of the Royal Snuff income of

these kingdoms of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1145).
Factors of Real Income of these kingdoms and provinces
of Peru and Chile (JTMN 1146).
General and Special Administrators of this Archdiocese

were created progressively by consultation with the
Director of the Snuff Income for Private Administrations
are established in each province: “A general election of the
Bishop and the allocation of 4% in the amount of tobacco in


both species, and vendieren repartieren next to the stands
by the hull of the places where they live, and their people,

and parties, and 10% in those menudecen tercena the
House or administrator, making them corresponding payment

for the losses of an ounce per pound in tercena, and

two in the retail newsstands, all of which was approved
by Order of the Board dated October 22, 1754 “(Insert in

C.9.L . g. No. 3 Tobacco Tobacconist - Lima.)
Then I put the Administrations that were created in the

various provinces of these kingdoms of Peru and Chile:
- Private Management of the city and province of Ica,

it began the June 18, 1755.
- Individual administration of the city and province of
Huanuco that inicióse on July 24, 1975. Being Fernando

Tello your Administrator

- The Administration of the province of Tarma, it
began the August 10, 1755. With Don Juan José de

- The Administration of the Province of Cockaigne,
1st. From September of 1755. With Don Melchor Olavide

- The Administration particular Conchucos provinces,
the August 3, 1757

- The Administration particular the province of Cañete

gave first the July 16, 1759 and ended on December

25, 1761

- Private Management of the Province of Huarochiri,

1st. January 1776.



The Bishop of Santiago de Chile establishing the May 4,

1754 with Don Francisco Antonio de Abracia.

The Bishopric of the Conception on March 18, 1754.

With Matthew Bernardo.

The Bishopric of Cuzco on May 29, 1754 with Marcos

Antonio of the House and Escudero.

The Bishopric of Trujillo on May 11, 1754 to Don José

Ignacio de Castro Osorio.

The Bishopric of Guamanga (Huancavelica) on June 9,

1754. With Don Gaspar Velasco Mendoza and Don Isidro
Ruiz de la Vega
The Bishopric of Arequipa on July 9, 1754

With Don Francisco Guillen Berrocal and Macedo. On

Board February 8, 1754.

The Bishopric of Peace on November 15, 1755. With

Don Jose Antonio de Via and Nava.

The Diocese of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Cochabamba),

on January 8, 1756. With Meliab Dionisio, by meeting July

17, 1756.
The Archbishop of Charcas (Villa de Potosí), the January

19, 1756.

La Factoria the Bishop of Tucuman, on January 15, 1755.

With Don Esteban Montejo.

The General Administration Chilca Island, on November

25, 1755. With Mr. Gabriel de Collantes.
La Factoria de Chachapoyas, which was established
on July 15, 1757. With Don Baltasar Gabriel de Collantes.




During the Viceroyalty of Peru, Superunda saw tobacco

consumption a source of tax revenue for the Spanish

Crown and obtain a secure collection, establishing a monopoly

on the exploitation and marketing as well as Spain,
about the year 1614, until the Cortes decreed in 1686 the
Tobacconist of Snuff in Spain and Aragon, and having in
Castile in 1636. First creating the Trust in Peru in 1752.

That, in the early years produced significant revenues in

relation to total revenues of the Viceroyalty. The Report of

the Government of the Marquis of Avilés, tells us that the

suppressed Waterproof cigarette manufacturing, which
were sold at 4 reales the “March” #, replacing the Tobacconist

who sold to 2 pesos, the Tobacconist should be
awarded a 300%. However, in practice, the manufacture

of cigarettes, on behalf of the King produced disorder and

harm to the public and did not yield the expected income.
The rents were declining gradually due to the privileges
granted to individuals in the marketing of cigarettes. These
evaded paying taxes and favored smuggling, so that in recent

years the Viceroyalty this income lost its importance.

Mendiburo says he bought the snuff in Tercenas and prices,

and reduced to cigarettes, reported profit on its sale.
The Coloniaje was a dead society, agriculture is not development,

not only in the Spanish colonies, but in French,

and Portuguese, but if in the English colonies, which so
radically different system of colonial Latin. The Indian
food base constituting it followed corn, potato, rice and


cassava. Each of these were spread during the eighteenth

century, and came to Mexico potato and banana spread

throughout all tropical coasts.
Among the first we marketable products, sugar, “follow

the track of this crop, is to give the slave bruce and
reversed fortunes in America.” The same path followed
cocoa, and with it, the cultivation of coffee that was located

in Venezuela and Cuba since 1769. Instead the snuff
did not follow the fortunes of the above plants, and this
apparently as Vincent says, by the creation of Tobacconist.
The snuff was an American colonial transit product, which

stressed the development of trade between the metropolis
and the colonies.
Agriculture generally of this crop in the colony, was

served without doubt a normal way of working, for the
tribute to be paid by the natives, as subjects of the Crown.
Typical is not that dedicated workforce not only to the

production of snuff, this consists of compulsory servitude
or slavery. In these cases there is usually the labor problem,

because growing areas were located in places where

the Indian population disappeared in the early decades of
the Spanish occupation. The workforce in this area in Peru

was scarce and needed for many important products. “In

the S. XVIII Mexican landowners were not only men who
owned the land, were farmers, miners and merchants, furthermore,

were judges governors and leaders of armies. In
conclusion had all the power in your hand, cared little or
nothing the international market price of snuff. Generally
had no labor problems, or need of many imported products.

No doubt these features were common in the Peruvian

farmer, but few with producer monoculture. A study of
the development of these traits in the eighteenth and nine55


teenth century would much perspective to contemporary
history. With Mexican Enrique studies Floorescano on

“Corn prices and agricultural crisis in Mexico (1708-1810)”.
These monoculture plantation, not only of snuff, was to

bring a violent movement of hours worked to a population

accustomed to that pace, work as a result, other drawbacks

as Indian workers acarreamiento climates that were

harmful, which came directly in contact with different

groups such as blacks slaves, carriers of new diseases and
abusive behavior against these peoples. This will alter the

indigenous population with European settlement.
The industry also went backward, except the branch of
mining, inexhaustible source of wealth and exploitation.

Zacatecas in Mexico, Potosi in Peru and Chile, were the

most productive in gold, silver and copper. The Portugal
explored the famous diamond mines of Brazil, humbol,
estimated that up to 1803 Spain obtained from their mines

yield about five billion of our money.

Major causes of the routine of agriculture and industry,
among others been like had referred, monopolies and taxes

and the prohibition to trade freely with other nations,

even in the colonies with each other and not with the same
Spain. Nearly two centuries the port of Seville monopolized

the trade of America, later became the port of Cadiz.
All this restrictive system led to smuggling, which was
another mortal blow to Spanish trade and ordered that severest

laws in this regard. At the beginning of the Republic

agriculture was reduced to the limits of the “family and
local economies.” Primitive methods of cultivation, based
on rainfall, poor food capacity of pastures and other social

factors, determined the formation of large estates and thus
the creation of the property.


The political disorganization, frequent wars disrupted
agricultural funds. The taxes on the peasantry weighed

heavily taxing even household products. “No less arbitrary
resulted contributions and caste Indians. Later contribution

depersona laborers and peasant classes exclusively

taxed and consumption taxes and municipal taxes
likewise impacted on agricultural production.“
Another cause serious agricultural backwardness was

the system of slavery that is inherited to the Republic in
the mid-nineteenth century. Later it appears that the suppression

of slavery was a confusion in agriculture, based

on that landowners could not but with the base labor of
slaves. According to this situation was granted a monopoly

to import Chinese. Alejandro Garland says that in 1764

it was discontinued date that traffic had landed 87 000

Asians in Peru.

The Viceroy Amat, Don Gaspar de Urquizo Ibanez,

Manuel de Lorena, Mauel Isidoro de viewer, Auditors of

the R. Finance for the years of 1762 and Ministers of the

Royal Government of Snuff, conferred on the Directors by
regulation and must have this branch of the Treasury and

agreed that the counter has formed annual income and report

the general condition of the funds each watertight up
General Administration.
It was customary at the time of Santillam, new taxes

without looking at the state of Indian health desmejoraba
by excessive loads to be carried. The King of Spain had

given a Royal Warrant in which it requested that the Indian

tribute was less than it was in the time of his infidelity.
Through Santillan chronicle, we see the picture of the

early years of the viceroyalty, we see the change, the transition
between the sophisticated and the Spanish con57


quistador authoritarian sent by the monarch to exercise a
merger. The basis of this writer is the institutional system
and tribute Inca species becomes even with coca and snuff
later this tribute is mixed.
On the other hand the Spaniards saw America as a farm

intended for enrichment, so many people check their posts

to make a real business, favoritism on the other hand,
placed on public officials inept or corrupt men, who easily

became in real tyrants. The laws were easily circumvented.
The little freedom and individual initiative contributed

no because the slow progress of the Spanish colonies,

especially comparing to the English colonies, who began
their cultivation for the years of 1536, although Spanish

and living in the islands of Santo Domingo, They began

to cultivate in 1530, but whose to John Wofle, producer

James Town, Virginia, the honor of having been the first
cultivated in large scale commercial, domestic and export

(1612). When the War of Independence in the United

States, exports Marilan Virginia and 45,000 tons, exceeded

to date with over a thousand tons per day.

Were allocated to snuff crops in Peru haciendas Bracamoros

Jaen, Sana, Chachapoyas, Tarapoto, Tingo Maria,

Huancabamba Motupe, Requena, Huanuco, Huancavelica,

Ancash, Cuzco, Amazonas, Loreto and Lambayeque.
Initially the culture was accelerated and often forced and
tyrant in all regions. The Directors, Directors of Factories

and nearly all Directors, Private, call Snuff income, often
occurring in grievances and vexations to increase production.

Just as in the town of Chiclayo in 1755 complained
that the running over were treated to force seeding work
of snuff. Moreover these people were paid with genres of
Castile and Quito cloth and a small amount of money al58


ready so high prices these clothes did not put out even

half the main cost, who were burdened by taxes and other
efforts that contracted at work. Hence the origin of these

abuses and spared vengeance to burn all stocks of snuff.

By way of example two documents insert 1st. (Docket No.

2-7 May 1755. A. N.). “Vejamientos that make Chiclayo

caciques and Indians, against Don Domingo de Navarrete,

Manager Real Snuff Rfenta of the province. - Report of

the Director General of the Royal Tobacconist. Appeared
before his court the caciques, mayors, attorneys and over

a hundred Indians, with the Protector and over a hundred

Indians with the natural protector of the province of Chiclayo,

the trampling complained that they were treated by
General Don Domingo de Navarrete, who with Watertight
Protector title had driven to the neighborhood of that village

planting snuff it says belong to her majesty, ajusando
each snuff thousand decks, priced at 40 pesos, paying half
in advance and silver other genera of Castile in Quito to

tun cloths high prices did not put out these clothes cost or
unit, who were filled with tributes and other efforts that

have contracted during work - as was reported by the Director

General Don Domingo de Navarrete afanamientos
with violence and forcing them to planters and servants,

the grim work of the farms of snuff without allowing a

day off to care for their Chacarillas and care of their cattle
and other fruits. And most vivid do efforts to repair this

concern reaching all prefer the burning tobacco. “
Also other abuses of the magistrates in tobacco crops

found in other provinces as shown in the following document:
“Representation of neighboring landowners and landholders

Guayllabamba valley, Chachapoyas jurisdiction


over violence that make the magistrates in snuff crops,
substantiating the file will be determined by order of the
Royal Board of November 23, 1756 , he wrote to Corregidor

to not practice violence or pretend that it mutuen

landowners to other genres, leaving the free use factor
purchases a silver snuff effective.
In the early years of the Republic was established freedom

of cultivation and industrialization of snuff and its
importance was minimal in the overall national economy.
Its industrialization was totally rudimentary, largely as

a cottage industry, with preference to foreign goods was
imported, preferred despite its high price.

Drake had discovered the process of wrapping paper

cigarettes. And the first factories to industrialize in ways

snuff They began the year of 1732. One was established

in Rappahannock, another Mecklenburg County. Virginia,

shortly before the War of Independence followed these

factories rather than other industrialized 1790 approximately

15 000 tonnes.
It was rudimentary crimping procedure and twist snuff
to adopt the shape of your cable length engulfing recudia
after a string and it was reduced to consumers, that all ‘{i

cut the snuff to smoke a pipe, chewing , making cigarettes
or snuff. Finally, in the eighteenth century invents a machine

that slicing the snuff Nougat, giving the diminutive
form of flakes and it was consumed.
Until 1875 Edran were hand manufactured. Its distribution

through Tercena pro Tobacconist and private newsstands

dating from the colony, created by flocks of April

24, 1752, kept up for the years of 1780 to 1782 was then

controlled by the admnistración sale General. The making


of cigarettes was partly a family business, home, a small
industry, reaching from the colony formed Guild Guild
picks Tabaqueros and Tobacco, which later gave way to
the first cigarette factories.
Awards were called mercaderos any organization of

artisans and workers in the same occupation in well and

mutual protection, had the monopoly of an industry and
the protection of authority. Many times these industries

were hereditary. In Europe the French Revolution Guild

killed, instituting work freedom. In Spain, after the sixteenth

century, the Brotherhood Guild becomes because
dominated the economic and technical and professional

corporation established in collective labor subject.

In Cologne, the Guilds of cigar had a very prominent
role and it seems that despite his lack of any data set or
clear about them, influenced the Administration of Tax

on Snuff. As we see in the document that transcribe:

“Memorial of the Labor Guild of Cigars, begging to be

reformed providence given by the Director General of the
tercena only be sold to Bracamoro snuff, and auto Royal
Board of October 31, 1770, was sent will bestow lso the

snuff on newsstands, as used in the time history. “
It also appears that it was possible for sale it is done
also in the Stores, as we confront in the following document

to be inserted: “Memorial Pulperos Guild of the
town of Chancay, on not allowing the sales manager who

practiced in the Convenience of snuff per quart, and auto
gasket Real January 13, 1777, allowed the aforementioned
sale, preventing the Administrator not the embarcace, and
also cigars farm cash and paper sheet of the third or newsstands

, the species necessary for supply “.
Until late subsisted Republic Guilds regime, and his61


torically assigned the higher cost of labor due to lack of

competition, distribution of products, smuggling by those

who could not work in public and monopoly, lack of emulation,

desperate for money to indigent without obtaining
the patent, permit or title.
Precidiéndose reconcile the freedom of associations
with industries to protect good faith and efficiency of individuals

covered them, and also to establish learning the
various arts and branches of this industry, the March 30,

1825, with legislative authorization Organize yourselves

are the “Industrial Contribution”, in the form of Guilds.

Were registered for this purpose to bakers, shoemakers,

cigar, snuff picks, etc., etc.. While watching each guild a

fee. According to this decree of August 11, 1826 no one
could exercise freely in any branch of commerce, art, or

occupation industrious without having obtained a patent

in which it expresses the nature of their commitment and
treatment. Later is abolished, sustityéndose this contribution,

the same law that establishes the personal contribution

of 3% of the industry. This law was nullified by José

de la Mar. He then ordered the patents were of four kinds.
In the following table we note that the union of cigar took
a first place in which patenting semiannually, because as
we know, the grocers kept different specimens and were
grouped as such.




1ra. 2da. The 3rd. 4ta.

Almaceneros ........................ 250 200 150 100

Cigar ............................ 90 40 25 15

Encomenderos ..................... 50 40 30 25

Shopkeepers ............................. 50 40 30 20

Pulperos ............................... 25 15 June 10

Manteras ................................ 6 5 4 3

............................. Drawers May 8th December 20

Ten years later, the General Salaverry, on March 3,

1835, ordered that the patent extinct ncovias hard work

and fundraising.
Despite this continued cobrándolas, exonerating the Indians

only, subject to the personal contribution and cigar,

water carriers and other similar associations
The Act of July 5, 1851, provided that payment is exempted

from this contribution to the industrialists whose
income does not exceed 200 pesos. And in compliance

with the requirements of this law, declared by Decree 1st.

April 1852, the craftsmen, artisans and employees exempt
from industrial contribution or patents are among others:
albéitares, potters, carriers, water carriers, masons, bar63


bers, tanners, cigar, chargers to api, chandlers, confectioners

, blacksmiths, picks snuff, patateros, chair makers and

He established a law July 5, 1851 and was the Supreme

Decree of May 12, 1852, detailing the manner and method

of collecting this tax.
Patent contribution was part of the industry, which was
according to law, by 4% per year on profits.
Tobacco Industry prospered while the machines were
refined. In 1876 Lima is set small cigarette factories.
Before processing, as we have said, was done in home or

small industrialists who manufactured cigarettes “long”
and “cravat” San Lorenzo white paper.
The Snuff was brought in “iguanas” pouches or Nougat,

“canvas rods”, “deck”, “snuff Pasallas or bundles”,

“wooden crates”, “bats lead”, “purse”, “bottles tin “and”
Flasks “, the latter was worth 200 decks of snuff.
Conveniently came prepared with mixture of sugar,
molasses and rum. The smallness of this industry in the
Republic agreed with the lack of importance of the crop
and its consequent negligible domestic consumption. It
mattered Havana products therefore beginning to gain
ground on the world’s markets were cheaper and their importation

was taxed with insignificant rights, sales prices
were available to consumers, and especially of the upper
classes, they were always the luxury of the finest tobacco


The first factories established in the country, could
hardly be called as such, his constant struggle with the

consumer spending remained listless and unproductive
life for some years.


The establishment of the consumption tax, created in
1886, with stronger tax for foreign goods, greatly favored

this Act national industry October 25, 1786, “Creating

Snuff Tax” being Constitutional President of the R. A. A.

Caceres Cl 4 Act IX of 1886 - on the “Use Tax.” Just as the
conclusion of treaties with Brazil and Bolivia gave a true
Bracamoros Jaen, Huancabamba and Tumbes became
large-scale producers; San Martin and Loreto increased
their crops and creates a true time for snuff processors and
Subsequently produced by the eviction restricts trade

agreements with Brazil and Bolivia, limited to domestic
market needs. This decline had continued until complete

disappearance, if manufacturers first and then sealed creation

had not sustained. The best prices to Watertight used
the best tobacco, thus giving cash incentive for good crop,

but not reached how to replace the foreign snuff had been
Tobacco Industry case as in all industries overall success
depended not only on the possible volume of production

but sta quality and eating quality of markets. In
Peru there was intimate snuff of class and therefore could
only acquire Tobacconist. The only way, the only way to
get other markets was gathering the two vital factors: economics

and quality.

It was first necessary to restrict the cultivation in all
producing areas, staff noted the crops ready to lead and
teach farmers. Implement a severe selection in the national

snuff purchase price and set it according to the qualities

of the product in order to encourage the best crop.


To appreciate the progress consignemos Tobacco Industry

figures Tobacconist performance, since the years of
the colony, since its establishment 1752-1760) of production

in the case of Lima and performance in the Republic,
before his new introduction .

March 1752 to December 40024.4 Weights

January 1753 to December 64399.6 “

January 1754 to December 33391.2 “

January 1755 to December 22316.5 “

February 1756 to December 32699.1 “

January 1757 to December 61755.5 “

January 1758 to December 38350.1 5/8 “

January 1759 to December 31,297 “

January 1760 to December 101.092.4 “

February 1761 to December 109,092.4 1/2 “

In 1780 at the end of the eighteenth century, followed
annual income of three million dollars, the cost of one

million, leaving a surplus of two million for staff housing
King of Spain. In this year of Snuff Tabac gave 574, 761 pesos.

In 1761, the Court issued a budget account for salaries
and expenses, taking as starting the Royal Tobacconist of
Snuff and 61,019 units, weights (cf. E. Romero Tl).

136 years after the production was higher and only show
the performance of the tax, obtaining before implantation
of the Trust in the Republic, which exceeds previous production

to 500% approximately.

May to December 1896 I. P. 49,646.4.70

May 1897 to December 84,621.0.51

May 1898 to December 89,226.5.19

May 1899 to December 79,459.3.45


May 1900 to December 113,642.2.47

May 1901 to December 99,036.4.93

May to December 1902 103,657.132

May 1903 to December 131,518.7.89

May 1904 to December 148,870.7.59

May 1905 to December 1169,899.5.21

Decade 1910. Superior performance to Waterproof


1910 I. P. 243,569.3.29

1911 410,467.5.97

1912 447,720.7.87

1913 467.162.4.08

1914 464.648.1.21

1915 521.118.1.75

1916 575.182.8.33

1917 608,606.8.46

1918 687,927.1.9

1919 855,527.4.59

Collection system from 1910 raised the first year was

organized the Tobacconist, more than 50% and then to

400% s the year of foundation.
The cultivation of the Republic continued at all empiricism

and was not regulated, the old machinery and worn

from use and the lack of knowledge of modern methods

for their preparation did not consumption could offer a
product manufactured good. For this reason it gave encouragement

to smuggling or consumer was left exposed
to abuse by unscrupulous sellers.

The Caisse des Depots et Consignations is responsible


for the administration of the law No. 5746 Watertight plus
all tax revenues. Tobacconist Income includes gross receipts

from manufacturing and sales of snuff and its products

and all contributions or taxes existing or to be created

in the future on the cultivation, manufacture and sale of
snuff and its products.
The government ordered the construction of a building
to harmonize with the financial importance of having the

Snuff Tabac comprising an area of 2,880 m2. and a total of
6,490. 1st Comenanzado work. January of 1928 to meet demand

services industry manufacturing cigarettes and in

addition was provided with a printing press that allowed
the Tobacconist between things, losgastos reducing materials,

such as printing demarquillas.
By law No. 12347 of June 1955, provides for the freedom

of production and trade industrialization and articles

snuff throughout the Republic, authorizing the Executive
to adopt the measures required for compliance. However,
this law was not regulated in time and was not applied
until March 31, 1964 by Supreme Decree No. 12-H. Still
does not work in practice free production rate, industrialization

and snuff trade, in all its breadth, since in fact
the only industry Watertight continued as manufacturare
of snuff, and only as to the production of snuff manufactured

began operate the system of free trade.

Decree No. 12-H created a body independent tobacco.
Equity, ample facilities to monitor, industrialization and
Improvement of tabalero on the estates of the country.
This organization was called “National Tobacco Commission.”

It also established a system of agreements or contracts


between the government and industry who wish to establish

guidelines, covered the 9140 law and who are exempted

from taxes and duties.

Finally, while an official commission to our deposed
regime, was doomed in the task of liquidating the Snuff
Tabac on the basis of Supreme Decree No. 307-HC August
1968, a Watertight defense committee requested his override

the government for causing this damage to hundreds
of servers and thousands of growers in the Peruvian haciendas.

The Engineer Pflcker, acquitting a query of the National
Bank, says “that could only continue living self funding,
but also would be able to pay the State an average profit
of more than 10 million soles annually, during the period
of 1969-1978.
For State should subsist as a regulator of prices compared
to private sector companies as autonomous character

independent public subsector.
The Tobacconist State aid does not need some to operate.

The snuff capital would be formed with the sale of

raw materials to the international market. And for another
four years at least, no need to purchase new equipment for
the production of cigarettes.
To facilitate the operability of this entity, would be

made, of course, some changes in the administrative organization,

reduce non-market, improve quality of cigarettes
and making sales campaigns similar level as tobacco companies

made private.
And in order to print a defined policy to promote agricultural

and industrial sector tobacco, was the law of No69


vember 22, 1965 No. 15741, called Law “Tabacalera Nacional”.

But, by Law 17421 of February 11, 1969 to replace the
Snuff Tabac is created “National Snuff Company” in order

to open the market for excess production in the hands
of small farmers. Economic surpluses that could not wait
and were caused by the apparent lack of demand from
private industrial enterprises. Then an early interest of the
said Regulation National Company, so that in the fullness
of its powers, to function. After national tobacco production

was awaiting the work of that body.

On the other hand, was already considered to Peru (March

29, 1969) at the Department of Agriculture of the United

States, for the first time, as a possible exporter of snuff.

Private companies broke the monopoly Watertight thanks

to Law 15741 of November 22, 1965, entered the industrial
cultivation of snuff blond, gaining just under a third of the
national production of black snuff.

Despite the unique character Peruvian tobacco product,
not what has been favorable conditions for achieving the
major consumer markets, Peru has been postponed, unreasonably

inclusion snuff international market.
But efforts are not isolated to one another the synchronization

required to unify the strategy of international market
The producer of snuff is not at fault have formed a deep
tradition tobacco. Tradition that comes from the days of

J. Manso de Velasco, Conde de Superunda, which audited

for the first time in the Snuff Tabac, the monopoly of

exploitation and marketing of this product. But from that
time to date, the producer of snuff did not receive the nec70


essary protection for their crops and introduce technology
to improve their social and economic conditions.
The presence of a national tobacco with tradition and

product acceptance in international markets, it is required

to enter this merchandise in those markets that are highly
competitive and demanding. Consequently, this situation

calls for a unified strategy, from the initial stage of production

to the end point of marketing.

Vargas Ugarte, Ruben.

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the Royal Treasury, made him devise the Viceroy Manso

de Vega increase their inputs. At the Snuff Tabac who had
meditated sometimes in Spain, commissioned the counter
where Thomas Chveque, to formulate the whole extension

project calling for the matter. Approved by Viceroy

Counter project, Rel remitióle that to the August 4, 1746,
and also approved in the Court, it ordenósele reduced to


practice, more as this project came iva and great earthquake

took place on October 28 1746, that if by the many
expenses that forced the government became more necessary

that establishment, by the great upheaval it caused,
made planning more difficult. “

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November 21 is the date of the Great American Smokeout

(Great American Smokeout). The Society established this
one day as a way to “spread the word” about how pesonas

can actively protect your health from the dangers of the use
of snuff. The Great American Smokeout is an annual event
that takes place the third Thursday of November, which

encourages smokers to quit the habit for a day, what the
American Cancer Society hopes propel them quit for good.

The idea of the Great Day of No Smoking in an activity

emerged in 1971 in Randolph, Mass. Arthur P. Mullaney
asked people to stop smoking for a day and donate the
money they would have spent on cigarettes to fund scholarships

from high school (high school). Then in 1974 Lynn

R. Smith, editor of “monticello Times” in Minnesota. He

led the first “D-Day” or the Smokeout state. The idea was

well received, and the November 18, 1976, the California

Division of the American Cancer Society successfully encouraged

nearly one million smokers to quit for the day.

This activity in California marked the first great day of not

smoking, and the Society conducted nationwide in 1977.
Some of the most popular celebrities in the United States
have joined the cause as presidents of the activity, including

Sammy Davis, Jr., Edward Asner, Natalie Cole, Larry

Hagman the Surgeon General, C. Everett COP and Christy


Turlington and Mr. Potato Head spokesman who left his

pipe and cause.
The Great American Smokeout was celebrated with meetings,

parades, distributing information on how to stop

smoking and even the inclusion of “cold turkey” (an

English expression that refers to suddenly quit (“dry”)

menus in schools, workplaces, military installations and
legislative halls throughout the United States.

The Great American Smokeout today
Today, many people in this country understand the
dangers associated with the use of snuff. More and more
people quit smoking successfully, but lung cancer remains
the leading killer disease in men and women. Only this

year, approximately 169,400 new cases diagnosed lung

cancer in the United States, and an estimated 154,900
people will die from this disease. Unfortunately, it is estimated

that the rates of diagnosis and lung cancer deaths
will increase in the next 10 years. The decline in the use
of snuff in adults has declined, as the decline in ‘{mortality

rates among people under 45 years. The use of snuff

among young people increased significantly during the

1990s, except in states that have programs snuff energetic
control. Research has also brought to light other snuff-related

cancers, including cancers of the mouth, pharynx,
larynx, esophagus, pancreas, cervix, kidney and bladder.

The statistics illustrate what still must fight battles, but

we have obtained many important victories. In 1977,

Berkeley, California, became the first community to limit

smoking in restaurants and other public places. In 1990
he approved a ban on smoking in all interstate buses and
domestic flights of six hours or less. Moreover, in 1999 the


Justice Department filed a lawsuit against cigarette manufacturers

accusing the industry of defrauding the public
by lying about the risks of smoking.

Also in 1999, adopted the important Master Settlement

Agreement (MSA) which requires that by 2025 tobacco

companies will pay 206 billion dollars to 45 states to cover

Medicaid costs for treating smokers. The MSA also closed
the Tocacco Institute and banned advertising with cartoons

and billboards snuff. Earlier this year, Philip Morris

Companies officially apologized for a study commissioned

by international affiliate concluded that the Czech Republic

benefited economically from the premature deaths of


The future of the Great American Smokeout
Although great progress has been, there is still much more
to be done to significantly reduce diagnoses and deaths

related to snuff. In our society, the cause of death is most

preventable smoking, but it is estimated that 47 million

adults in the United States currently smoke. In addition,
smoking appears to be increasing in the youth population.

Statistics show that between 1991 and 1999, cigarette

smoking among high school students increased significantly

from 28% to 35%.
Through the Great American Smokeout and other programs

and smoking cessation services offered throughout

the year, the American Cancer Society continues to inform

people about the dangers of smoking and using snuff to

provide resources to help smokers kick the habit and save
their lives.
For more information on how to participate in the


Great American Smokeout and learn about strategies

to quit smoking, visit the
The statistics were taken from Cancer Facts & Figures
2002 American Cancer Society.

Statistics of the Great American Smokeout

· Of those interviewed, 66% reported that he

heard about the Great American Smokeout 2001.

· In 2001, 20% of smokers reported they participated in

any activities of the Great American Smokeout. Of those

participants, 3% reported that they smoked at all during

the day, and 17% smoked less than usual on that day.

· After the Great American Smokeout 2001, 15%
of smokers had an effect of continuity, which included

a 3% smoking remained between 1 and 5

days after the activity and the remaining 12% who

smoked less between 1 and 5 days after the Big Day
The statistical references were obtained from “A Study
of Public Reactions to the 2001 Great American Smokeout”

by The Epsilon Group, Inc. for the American Cancer Society.

American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts and Figures 2002.

Atlanta, GA.
Say goodbye to your butts!
The Great American Smokeout
Could I you go a day without a cigarette? How about a

Is all life? Well, this is the time to treat. On Thursday,

November 21 is the “Great No Smoking Day”. Each one,


the third Thursday of November, thousands of people
quit smoking for a day or quit for good. Need incentives?
Here are some shocking data:
· In the U.S., the use of snuff is the leading cause of preventable

· The use of snuff kills more than 1,200 people each
day in the U.S. This means that each year more than

440,000 die each year from smoking or chewing snuff.

· About 80 percent of adult smokers started smoking in

their teens.

· Every day, almost 5,000 kids under 18 try their first


· More than 6.4 million children will die young because

they smoke.

.More people die from using snuff that the total number

of people who die from AIDS, murder, suicide, fires and

illegal drugs.
· Snuff companies they put ammonia to cigarettes for
your brain to absorb more nicotine.

· Cigarettes contain at least 43 different cancer-causing

Are you ready to quit? Need Help?
Massachusetts, 2013



Between the cracks of the peaks of Ancash Juan Gregorio,

read in the furrows of the fields farming and auscultation
in the bowels of the mines that prayed. His ancestors

seasoned leaders of the French Revolution came to
Peru expelled by the coup of 18 Brumaire, 1789. Los Andes

immeasurable offered a platform to libertarian ideals tea.

Rebels to domesticity ever fell from his proud retirement.
John Gregory, last survivor of this untamed race had perforce

to live a destination hectic, the last heroic martyr,
proud and sullen atmosphere needed to do his work.

The great souls fiber comes from and goes very far beyond,

so feel more intensely and want to live life more.

In John Gregory’s life has been filed as a distressing and
mountain vehemently printed sullen and contemplative
character. Hence his curiosity unsatisfied, your attitude

and your hectic mystical spiritual restlessness. Around
him the human element has been evading and its stage has
affected only the echo of the stone and nature. The augers
unlimited horizon in fantasy awoke almost morbid longing

for distant and dreamy. This eaglet made to inhabit
the more abstract and high crags of thought until recently

lived intense imaginative life, daily questioning nature
and looking for men in the bottom of his soul. Overcome
by introspective analysis torture consuming a mystical effusion

was until one day his infinite desire to tempt him
to new horizons by the Santa Valley. The magnificent river

melodic scores urged his curiosity and longed to know


the estuaries and beaches where the music of the river

perhaps swaying their Edenic stays harmonic waves and
enthralled audiences. And met lovely landscapes, magnificent

panoramas, flowery prints, nests true dream and

passion. In villages laughing breaths and exhalations felt
strange to his being a rare social crowd rushed him and
gave his sullen figure the pleasure of walking by the stale

unnoticed lounges on a neatness of manners. Surprised
at this new aspect of his life drunk in their forms gave

satisfaction to know that those cities and study complex

society within which beat sensed no strangers mirages of
happiness. After traveling around the valley and ascended

into the bowels of which flows the river, sought to shelter

the foothills of the highest mountain and unpolluted.

The summit sensory gigantic river of mentors helped him.
The looming look of the one and the other cosmopolitan
experience were not low regard resources. And in their
raids the valley never looked away from his rivals: The
Huascaran and The Saint.
As a child and through his reading of history had

dreamed of being military, Bolivar, Salaverry and Castile
urging him to it. This hobby grew to penetrate the national

life adventurous and restless, feisty consider military
life. This vocation born of feeling and affection for the
country would prosper if John Gregory and had considered

that the cult surrenders country not only in the ran

ks of the priesthood but also in civil apostolate, in which
coarser horizons was necessary to infiltrate the true love,
nurtured the feeling of the earth quake, animated eager
possibilities and a face and personality. For similar concerns

were not purposely frames severe military activity,

so that tempted other planes in its civic concept, the amplitude

that gives freedom decided to serve his country


giving them a humanistic fervor, studying the citizen in its

full functional activity, strengthening the sense of honor,

responsibility and vitality and hopeful that the disclosure
of the truth and the right would redeem society of arbitrariness

and violence. In this aspect of his life John Gregory

upheld the weather warm and romantic masters of
the Renaissance: Erasmus, Luis Vives and Montaigne and

toured the scene of the doctrines of Wundt, Claudio Bernad,

Freud, Adler, Bardiaeff, Yung, Spencer and Carrel.

Through Juan Gregorio philosophy had known one
man and cogency of phylogenetic and teleological principles

had thought of abstract man, the kind of universal

and traditional man, sincere and honest with themselves
and with others, altruistic and magnanimous . The natural
jungle man embarrassed by loneliness and civilized man
of the city deformed, changed their appreciation and concept

of it.
Through sociology warned characterology and curious

modes of nature of man and had to face the social environment

in which he lived pseudo guys implausibly eccentric

or natural, rational beings or conventionally forcibly informal,

to quirky and charming pulquérrimos unbearable,

to a sort of deliberately exotic types or vulgar, or satirical
comedians paradoxically, supremely ridiculous and tragically

severe or holidays. In this difficult business men had

to fight bloody battles. The summit and the river were his
teachers in strategy and through them plucked up a social

personality and learned the treasure of their true personality

and undertook the forced daily struggle opposing the

stupid vulgarity of his stylized indifference mixed medium

of grandeur and magnanimity and giving support to
those beings mancornados to vanity and pride and Olym82


pic her completely forgotten them. On the rare truces of

these struggles Juan Gregorio became the love and like
how those Roman generals wear on their victory carriage

charms of a woman, not only for his pride and repose of

his soul, but, above all, to be renewed in aesthetic emotion

feeling that matters and delivered to the pleasant task
of building a clean and pure love with the most expensive

elements of art and the most tender illusions of love.

A caravan burst cheerful hikers stay Juan Gregorio,
the cacophony of girls funny, tender and disturbing its

beauties put on the severity of the village a note of charm
and suggestion. Leading the group was a young teacher

colonial. A natural beauty and academic manners aunaba

emotion of happiness and excitement. A secret hidden
whim or a desire for new horizons that encouraged young
teacher, whom the beauty of the person being charged unexpected

reliefs expression of spiritual beauty. His diction
classic and elegant movements neat woman warned, burilada

Athenians and academies in college. No respect for
the commitment that beautiful woman prevails in women
show off their skills Intelecta spiritual forget her physical

beauty. A fair proportion or a wonderful balance between

both skills this woman did something exceptional,
to be able to engage all the ambition and greed spur all.
For John Gregory was not foreign women but was concerned

about the type of women something Intelecta, that
exquisite problem of fascination and mystery made of fine


silt and mental fragrances. Accustomed to the law of the

mountain scanned the discovery and wanted for himself.
The born to the aura of their dreams and satisfying their
desire for romance. The same day, on the occasion of a
banquet at visitants laid siege to the place and ordered

their surrender with that brave daring of the walk, no
more resources than the glamor and magic that put the beings

in the natural state. Milushka harried with protocols,
formularies amazed with social standards, dehumanized
by dint of great utopias that woke contact stout nature, almost

primitive of John Gregory and noticed the ripe fruits
of the mountain unsuspected beauty, golf clubs observation

and teaching, not clearly warned from the cabinet or
the vagary dens.

Magnified across the stage and most sublime landscape
and sparked Valley grandílocuo sensitive soul and nostalgic

Milushka and shuddered cabiloso serene spirit of John

Gregory. Juan Gregorio noticed Milushka struck gold and

rushed boldly legitimate that vein almost untouched. At
the first signs of this passion trembled these souls as flowers

shaken by a gale touching their petals in rare shudders
of pleasure and joy. And did the love in those two beings
in the vibrating one in the heart of a poet’s lyre and stirred
in the brain of the other wings of a philosopher. Love

bloomed like a beautiful garden of dreams. At the contact

of these two souls widened the horizons of the world. And

the affair marked a “evo in the Andes”. Since then, a glittering

ruby tint put torso amber aurora over the summits.

The first wove romance poem of soft watercolor hues of
dawn and twilight clarities starry night and later put on

the red strokes box, violet tints, dark vermilion overcome
with passion. Milushka, wise in love, he’s lover with the
same awareness pleasant So opens the corolla of a flow84


er or the sun caress, John Gregory in love with the exotic
beauty of the beloved unnerving was delivered as an angel’s

touch a reverie ineffable. Their souls were dipped in
the mirages of sweet illusion fascination with such relish
that the most ardent pleasures of carnal lust dozed.

He brought this passion Milushka romantic lineage of

their ancestors, refined to spirituality, in full command of
pleasure to the mind and mystification. Its nostalgic beauty

had all the delicacy and charm of stylized forms captured

in hours of adoration for his feverish eyes gallant
ancestor. In flourishing harmony of your body, in whose
light lines magic iridescence had put full of crackly bends
thrill of passion. In his look soft and cuddly, overbearing

and had dazzled effluvium know not to distant dizziness.
A golden light emanating from those gray quartz eyes,
slept at the bottom of it all the glow of auroras and fainter

celajes noon. In extremely sensitive lips and embodied
deliciously enigmatic smile bloomed a stale taste of idyllic
effusions, inflammatory of the most daring and implausible

follies. In the neck and chest statuary opulent not
hidden and old anxieties that were consumed as heat and
fire expiring in old oriental incense burners. The disturbing

magical glow emanating from her whole being was
denouncing the quintessential charm and refined beauty

and flawless through stale compliments emblazoned nobility.

In their ancestors had a principle of real blood that
hatched Tennis legend and Humaraya Shanoc romantic in
North Andean foothills. Their ancestors evacuated nearest
mountain and landed on the beaches of Santa, where the

music of the river and the melodies of the gaps narrowed
and demanded a telluric force irresistible. And at the foot
of harmonic waves camped Cojup undaunted admiration
and excitement. The fruit of true love, romantic passion


crystallization Milushka advented excelsa effective, optimal

and cunning His childhood arose between the sapwood

and cloudscapes of purity. He grew up as a mystic

flower, austere and sensitive and flourished with the
charm of a rose monastic and severity of a vestal beautiful

mysterious and neurotic. And with a voice of pure

white rose and filled virgins flute music and sweetness
of glow that seemed to sprout from her lips talk corollas

of flowers and doves flew from his chest procelarias.

I do not know which flight eagerness had those red
lips and trembling in which he hid the secret of the wings
of the condor and the ability of a heron. Daban in attitude
printing iconographic pose for long journeys to distant
and exotic apiaries. Those lips never deployed without
lilial tenderness and elegance movements were majestic
flight of the eagles, neatness and stately dawn of pigeons,

the subtlety stylized swallows. Moist and sensitive lips
where love lit luminaries kiss with wings of cantharides

and poppy petals, had the rare prostrate suggestion of

raising hopes and dreams and a sweet empire of sending
mindless worship and follow. Lips sublime, prodigious in

the gift and wise in touch. Never languid boredom or disturbed

his serenity victorious. As two red embers lit the

fire of passion and encouraged as heralds roaring in the

battles over the idyll.

Augusta Grace put a slight curve on the nose aquiline

Milushka prestige of an entire love story celebrated the

hallmark of a master race. Daba to dream gallant court of

the Bourbons and the arrogance to think lubricious eagles.
Under those accused arches nasal vaults sensuality swelled
voluptuously vehement lust were folded. The bushy eye
lashes that nose gave something like the force of powerful
wings pushed ivory keel irídico an ocean. Persuasive and


sensitive, refined cunning, made for the deletion of smell

and taste the perfume of the most fragrant flowers and
subtle and transmute essences most adored bodies did not

escape his longing nor the faint scent of innocence, and the
fog enervating and fatal passion.
This woman made for sublime ecstasy of love angel

and the glories of passion trembled at the sight of almost
wild personality Juan Gregorio became like this new exotic

fruit, to enrich their coffers with native gold and filé

lover rendered. Generous, dreamy by lineage poured on

the lips of the beloved vintage filters, chief effervescent
old scents that came from their stays distant and fabulous

and test gave more new and inventive mixtures ambered
foaming and strangely new and tempting.

Juan Gregorio became immersed in the peaceful round
of affection feeling faint with happiness in touch and seep
into your soul seeing the fire spell of the pupils of tender

loving and innocent as the new reflection of a virgin pearl

or a gem serene glow Noble.
Lovers delivered a passionate vertigo, frenzied and
overwhelming. And romantic notwithstanding not outlined

a program launch, tempted rites oriental love codes,

formulas rushed environmental stylized chivalric evo, savored

the passionate faith and delicate taste of the Renaissance,

reached the boundaries and terms of the bourgeois

passion, pompous and stately and wide beaches almibararon

in proletarian love, dreamy, free and adventurous
The contours claimed grandílocuos cordial. The most

insignificant episodes of this love were magnified by the

sampler and gentle demeanor of John Gregory and the neat

and delicate emotion Milushka. No touch was required by


law, none was granted by duty, won with the most tender
and exquisite way he’s offering an original gift in acrecedor

sumptuous gift. The lovers managed to charm his passion

and the spell of the first day of love. They loved each
other like they just started to do it, abounded in so subtle
and distinguished compliments was difficult to repair one
of the two was required. Came forward with ease and panache

to satisfy the most demanding whims, you guessed
innermost desires. In his talks spacious and Baroque discerning

about love, happiness and philosophized about
the illusion tracked down to its strange and distant mirages.

The philosophy and poetry flirtation humanized solace
in that the basic idea of the one and the other harmonic

note and reached orchestrating concert put that love in
strange ways, in notes magic, spell-like fantasies.
There was at that love is not that rare happiness awareness

and secret charm of an adventure.

Like those Wagnerian operas or silence the cauldron
raise the majesty of the work, as well as those who love and
frantic after long periods effluvia trained ascetic whose

scores almost mystical longing and melancholy first, the
vigor of youth and the cravings acicateaban passion after
a rare emotion in melody love sonatas. In these periods,

truces true love campaign, fans were given the field in a
drop of sweet emotion eclogue, in an effort to renew and
purification. This immersion in the pure lymph funds diffused

nature of romantic passion brown with clear brush
with mirror shades, soft and lightweight.
In the intervals of that love lovers indulged in reading,
favorite passion and wrote letters both elegant and flowery,

real love letters that escanciaban drunken soul and
heart capsized filters. With a pulsed master secret silence


lira arpeggio starting from the one true anointing loving

notes and bringing forth her pure love and power but
once achieved not by Phillies Demofoon by Ulysses and
Penelope, for Leodemia and Protesilas in those long loved
absences that embraced in the fire of faith and perseverance,

passion and desire endearing.
In the manner of Castor and Pollux, of Pylades and

Herminaina, Phoebus and Pallas loved with purity and

chastity and rushed his passion with such frenzy now in
the magnificent scenery of nature as Daphnis and Chloe

or indifferent bustle of cities like Des Grieux and Manon
The atmosphere and passion were transforming the
personality of the lovers into a new being. Milushka unconsciously

adapting dissolved in it as a perfume and

had glimpses of slave remnants of echo and shadow tints
man who indulged in a vertigo of bliss and interrogation.
This dependence will lowered to a level of dreamlike and
charms to enjoy and suffer the storms of jealousy and torture

of doubt. In his hours of reflection intended to rebel

and then felt in his soul to fight the remnants modern
bourgeois illusion and revolted this concern to the point

that warned him, goad him the resentment of rear and revolted

him this concern to the point that certain tone advenía

of melancholy and feminine contradiction as in that
Yuchkevitch Ellen in “Out of the Circus”.

Modern woman forged in solitude and made for the
great battles of claim female, believed marriage to a rusty
chain that had to be reformed and give life. Love was not

your goal, just a fling or struggle at which stage herself

strives for discovering love Kantian personality, loved by
beginning and artist by nature to love a work of art rather
to embellish life and give the soul the spur of illusion. And


you had to see the voluptuous and emotional orgy jeopardized

these bellicose woman arrests, sometimes simulating

the kind of woman feudal only to increase the boldness,

bravery and tenacity of the lover and enjoy the pleasure

of success of their charms young, drained with praise
of the refinement of his artistic temperament. After these

long periods Milushka spell spell and made his way to the
indefatigable spirit of Josefa, heroine of the modern woman

in “Work” Ysle Frapán and above his love was given
to the practice of his profession with equal passion Colette

Lansolevo Yvert in “First Fruits of Science”. Exhausted

but was returning disillusioned Milushka work to the
eaves of their love nest with an eagerness and dedication

to modern lover who love the sweetness and tenderness

of treatment require a match like that democratic and give
emblée Ada, a tale Pitigrille, fled from the legendary and
wonderful formal and stylized than the sincere affection

of love, natural, frank, without fuss or ditirambos, with a

thirst for fresh emotions, clear mirror indulged in adventure

awaiting only the cordial love understanding healthy

fruit and affection in which their freedom and personality
do not suffer the despotism and tyranny of the lover.
Woman type different from that of Turgenev and Chekhov

developed an action program in the department, in
literary and social clubs and even in religious circles. Her

beauty caused deep and firm respect and admiration
mixed Puebla fear that distrust centers unaccustomed to
the class struggle. The same religious associations were
surprised and perhaps exaltation suspected and distrusted

that that soul tormented by the inquietude of doubt

came to the altar not only seek peace but delivered to religious

mysticism in his anxiety to new sources of pleasure
and refinement.


Without realizing the powerful force of fascination, his
person was the lover and a society worthy of heroic altruism

martyr or a hero. Like that Diana Wassilko of Emil
Ludwig’s ambition spurred his mistress caused him great

encouragement, gave encouragement to develop the faculties,

could put the incentives in the spirit of emulation,
the temptation voluptuous grandeur and success. With
pleasure we reported the progress of their work and that
secret restraint pinch back the spirit of daring and courage

arming for battle. Her womanly pride and ambition of
anecdotal reliefs lover charged in this endeavor in which

put the full force of their spells and all the tenderness of
his passion. And to magnify the loved one and raise it to a
level of distinction and highlight aspirated spared no sacrifice

at all, put to the service of his passion his muse of
poet, his dreams of happiness, the charm and magic of her

beauty, suggestion of their more expensive garments for
women. This gift landed in this renunciation of his ideals
of freedom and independence, put all the charm of his seduction,

all art exquisite sensitivity, along with lover enjoying

a real joy with the clear vision that this pleasure

serving to sublimation and exaltation of the beloved and
the secret hope of better days of rapture and frenzy.
And perhaps like those legendary Spartan mothers or

logs came off of its fruits to let those defend and fruitful

land, attended with melancholy mixed with sorrow and
sweetness to the metamorphosis of the beloved. Certain
that he had achieved his work, without vanity but with
pride, with all the vehemence of who takes the last time.
Milushka was given to the victorious lover with a religious

passion almost mystical, with a pagan voluptuousness

almost lewd. To this supreme enjoyment pulled the
last reserves of spell and jeopardized his dearest love es91


thete resources and a wise master lover tore large springs

of emotion, superb notes of love, torrents of melody in
which flooded and diluted in a rare pleasure of finishing,
charging breaths just to keep pressing that lira until complete


This transport and Milushka hebetamiento New arose
as being without the ferment of passion, without the bonds
of slavery. Empty the amphorae, loose the strings of the

lyre had no other effort to rebuild his life. And the lover
that transcendental winner and hero of romantic struggle,

should move away to accomplish the work of fate and the
beloved bullying not rendered.

So he Milushka missed, perhaps reluctantly, feeling
left behind if the man who loved and gave his most precious

treasures. John Gregory was plunged into a searing

anguish and melancholy almost almost historic .. It gave
the evocation and remembrance with a frenzied pleasure
strange and fascinating mirages. Not that he possessed
idyllic pantheism. Loved the lawn where rested the beloved,

worshiped the ground that gave him his shadow
and gave the passion of lace, flowers dried, the curls tied

and all those memories Milushka So had given him and
in which believed found pounding heart, exhaling the fragrance

of the beloved woman disturbing.
But the absence of love continued living memory and
nourished by hope. He wrote letters tender and moving,

sweet and gentle, fiery, passionate, worn out with love,
rendered worship, true love epistles which drew images
worthy of bronze and marble, figures that would do honor

to any artificer of thought. John Gregory wrote about

the value of constancy and virtue of fidelity, mused on the
immortality of love and beauty, of selflessness and sacri92


fice; Milushka forged the melificas, flaming verses carved,
chiseled and fragrant winged rhymes full of sweetness

and nostalgia rendered
Occasionally in elegant flat Milushka letters, Juan Gregorio

glimpsed a shadow, sometimes saw lights shine
some unknown star. And yet being accustomed to the
storms of the mountains trembled before these new phenomena

of his passion. The shadow seemed unfathomable

darkness of the cracks and intricacies of the Mountain and

that sudden flash of lampo some shooting star or a meteor

burst blue. John Gregory, one upright rock flint, is

discouraged at the thought of knowing only abandoned.

Wrapped in the cloak of innocence and pristine blinded by
the light of his illusions had not forgotten care, or repaired
in evil.

When later herded definitively beloved harbingers of
passion and was lost in silence and oblivion did not blame
nor cursed. Rather ashamed of himself. He feared for the
purity of his dreams, who is suspected of emotional honesty
and that it vanished ideal of love which was the mainstay

of his life. It had not protested the beloved flooded

with the flow of all your lights and not having captivated

in that house your dream bright blue. Do not forget
comforted of not emptying your vases in love with all the
richness of its gleaming golden illusions. Yet in this misfortune

Juan Gregorio found that taste not happiness and
reverberated like a tormented soul whose drunkenness
Black Diamond nostalgic image of the beloved lived ineffable

set like a pearl. And again and again, that divine and
virginal Venus perhaps unconsciously perverse and fatally

be the idol of a romance gone. But a romance in which

the hand of deceit hand asomaría not grim.


Instead it became a pain Juan Gregorio again fierce and

mystical, extremely meditative. Alone and abandoned
Ande turned his gaze to his exalted master, invincible
and unchanging, merciful and almighty inaccessible. And
hugged his huge boned structure in a thirst for tears and
comfort. Vented with overflow to bring forth from his
heart and specular crystal lymphs as those pristine waters

that ooze from the bark of snowy mountains in an eternal
quest for purification. On, in the scaling of their wealth

before the rock struck furious struggle and sacrifice.
Ande his teacher urged him to live alone, but his heart
was drowning in grief. From its summit saw his master

augusta up the storm and knew that elements were
formed. So not afraid and stopped in the middle of the

storm. Not knowing of the marshes Ande morale was inexorable.

I did not know of the deception because he had
aposentaran bushes where snakes and was inaccessible at
its apex where only he flew like a bird and like a caterpillar

crawling. His teacher was accustomed to the Andes oblivion.

No fled the fragrant spring landscape, dawn vésperos

pristine and winged?. And on his lonely orphan was not

triggered and lightning storm on his forehead Destallo not
burning their most beautiful dreams of love? However,
neither consumed nor grieved. Never went to their lovers.

They return. He would not ever burn your plants in those
footsteps of ingratitude however know that the granite
polish in the storm and not in the mud puddles. And he

urged John Gregory go to oblivion. Forget the woman, do
not forget the love, he said. Oblivion gets a cloak of mystery

to the past, erase the shadows of ingratitude and gives
love an aura of holiness. So forget the woman beloved up

is a form of worship.


He climbed to the top of the peaks to measure from beyond

the extent and depth of his misfortune. At the top of
his brain woke up and went out in that atmosphere all its
flames of passion erotic memories flew like birds hit by

the gale.
Longed to discover the morbid germ of evil and deception
surprise pregnancy and forget to remove it and destroy

it. Having been hurt by love was no reason to fear,
but rather had a duty to protect the innocence and bliss of

When the brutal reality of oblivion warned Milushka

the final departure was believed to die, turned away from
his conscience, he fled to the mountain, fought with fatal

persecution from memories erased the blue-albo landscape

of their hopes and dreams where dominion tantalizing

image again, opened the locks of their inner springs to
prevent their return that figure Venusian waves to dazzle

with their nakedness and overcome his spell. He veils its
clear skies and mirror for them not to return to meander
the magical lights of those pupils fire igneous and feverish.

Burned their sacred forests to chase the ambush of sin

and escape the spell of the morning song of the lark. Taló
their gardens, their pots overturned, broken amphorae to

quell the burning desire that once the lust of the stamens
of the flowers in their voluptuous scents.
Accustomed to ruthless analysis of his consciousness

rushed to the strange phenomenon of the pain with a
relentless greed. He hazardous polls, exacerbating submersions,

difficult and daring in the agitated sea of your
soul. Sharpened its power as kinesthetic and extraconciente

tracked a wild fervor, bordering on weeds and uproot

the last vestiges hidden and inhibitory. And he Dis95


ques to morbid manifestations of their supremacy, their
movement failed; purified nitric content and cured his

hypnagogic and underlying malaise. Violated its content
and forced induction, led to the enervation introspection,

minced and cleared the deception phenomenon of illusion

and fantasy of hallucination, removed from his mind

the persecution eidetic fatal and unforgiving in which the

image of the beloved spell peeked around his ineluctable
beauty tempting. Vertebrae severed most expensive and
most beautiful members amputated infected deception,
lacerated by the force of pain. With steady hand and severely

cut and threw cysts, corrosive and astringent washes

made. Dissociated the most beautiful conceptions of
love and threaded their illusions scattered symbolic synthesis.

It was not necessary in this task the aid of anesthesia.
Sobrábale value and encouragement to resist the destructive

action of the analysis and the destructive work of
the scalpel. Overcome by the giddiness of atonement and
the thirst for martyrdom was not discouraged nor to the
dissection of all his dreams or before the total ruin his life.

Some years later, after a long period of renewal and
construction Milushka prepared to give his life celibate.

Despaciosa and long, meditating earnestly desire philosopher
and artist intended grown in the fertile fields of marriage

new plants illusion, longed introduce new fees and

bring forth new fruit of those grooves, giving the world
the perfume of flowers and lush adoring without the mellifluous

tones and decayed vigor emissions.


Urged on by his fate and exposed in the vertigo of his
fantasy fighter nomadic, living beset by curiosity and

mystery. He was tempted marriage, those serious problems

lay in the unknown rushing him and waited. Since
its liberal and democratic position had fought the narrow

areas where marriage was struggling and tried to give

life to this social institution languished and expired in the
jaws of tremendous prejudice. Despite his bold preaching,

incisive and constructive wanted to lead by example,

preferring the poem that lives that dream and that would
make your life a drama. Would not go to bed with those
vulgar nonsense to solve a social problem or fill a protocol

requirement, was heading to reform military and those
rows, imbued with renewal and reform. If enough it was
known the prologue of his work do not know how many

parts would be the drama to live even though his skillful

hands have already outlined the plot, this plot that summarized

his great and glorious past and their dreams embodied

modern woman animated feminine charms of her
sex and its spirit exalted fantasy elite. The jealousy, boredom

misunderstanding, change, divorce and adultery

from its ideal form to the brutal fact demanded an expert
hand to show him the path of happiness, virtue and decorum.

And stretched his right Milushka ofrendaría exquisite

harmonizing and heart to till a haven free from defects
marital and pettiness that discussion today.
She would not be a new one houri nor her husband a tiny
Sultan harem. Neither plan would be the type of Roman
Cornelias, the Romantic Tolstoy, Balzac’s Routine, prosaic

English and German woman or the Yankee arithmetic

and Latinas theater. Another scheme was the wife and the
marriage that day of the current crisis and accented machinery

rejects the concept of spousal or poetic idyll. More


humane and less platonic are the current requirements up

to this generation and structuring a dream institution of

marriage where love does not fail or become dull human

energies in lust ruining aspiration stimuli and work force
and subtracting the energies claiming social progress.
The complexity of marriage and family problem attracted
voraciously, psychic or physical-chemical characteristics

in strange seizure pushed him protoplast fusion.
I knew that in that state of colloid or catalysis, is angostarían

their cells, but would have the pride and awareness

to assist the creation of a new world: the family, the
body that apparently urged his education from the first

seizures of being in the maternal womb. How would enjoy
in this realization. Verse projected into a new being, transcript

of her happiness and her ideal point out the path

of good and nurture of their doctrine and poetry revered
and cherished. What sources of pleasure and what pleasures

awaited him? Eagerly await the shoot of her being

wasted and how much imagination to wonder if the look

and smile that her son would be more bio-psychic input

from their parents but also the distant splendor of its light
and sweet passionate love and the semblance of transfusing

lover being, convulsionándolo to epilepsy and ecstasy.
Not without reason transfused thought love lover in the

beloved and passion make an indelible status in being, but

it should be a love and a big and overwhelming passion,

capable of printing an eternal hue and soul perpetuate a
feeling in the flesh. Only in this way and then they inherit

devendrían states, having embodied and transmitted
to posterity with powerful force that created it. No doubt
that such delights were waiting and longing without fear,
without feeling guilty of infidelity, because honestly she
estimated only owned the treasure of his past, one trea98


sure wrought by his hands of a goldsmith and artist’s soul.

What gentle, pious and subsidiaries satisfactions you

expect?. All his life loving woman and artist should be reflected
in your child. We did not have the ideas and program

beginning one day say to his son in the formation of

your being there is more to your parents carnal souls are

adored and worshiped me in my nature printing winged
rhythms and emotions fantasies rendered the more neatness

and distinction. But perhaps, if such a statement out
of your plan of action and combat woman would not have

the motive to silence hidden satisfactions to proclaim that
the paternity of her son enter his dearest lovers. Such disclosure,

however advanced and upset, or even have the

novelty of the invention, since it is axiomatic that in the
midst of culture and sociability a generation due to another

in its extension, culture and influence. Even in ancient
times it was recommended to pregnant mothers to have

to look at art and beauty models to build with eurythmy
influence of the new being. I do not know because they lay
Milushka so hard that influence. No doubt his rich imagination

and sturdy nature carefully guarded his past poem

as a panoramic scene which unfolded their inner world
and which would come off trasuntando to the beauty captured

in his hours of rapture and flowering and giving

revive the genitor last idyll of new and sweet pleasures.
This vision of the future should give him the satisfaction
of charm, full of reminiscences and melodious new vibrations

of the past. His son would be the pitch of that divine
arpeggio, its heart and each of its forms would put on his
knees at the memory, so that giving is worship of the past.

But the past is the miracle of being alive and present past.

No. In Milushka the past has the miracle of being alive

and present. They live in her present his impressions in


concert and melody and have the virtue of providential
hands. And its past and its hours of love would follow
once lived his life and molding beautifying beings who
leave their hands and insides.

Gregory John himself was absorbed in the new concerns
that shook Milushka and longed to see her family forming,

leading to their ideas and experiences, perpetuating
distinction be one exception. Knowing mother longed to
see and germinate in it those great and noble sentiments
and wise power will certainly sublimate his forehead giving

that aura of sanctity .. He accused the interest to see
the new seed and see if that works recognized his character

generously emptied in that jar of his mother. I do not

know that strange uneasy parental rights to John Gregory.

Spiritual Fatherhood and metaphysics in disputed and

undisputed, most legitimate and nobler. The only one we

can be proud and not doubt.

Tired of theories, schemes and diagrams finishing his

new life, fulfilled their task of preaching and after giving
the abundant fruits of his intellect drag his belly craved

fruit selection virgin able to continue and overcome their
apostolate. Nothing would be barren in your being. All his
faculties should bear fruit, but give them with love and
art, with the awareness that they enjoy and create.
Averaging the summer season in the capital and the

woman paradoxical that had the pleasure of picking the
solar term, as those butterfly wings open only to light, had

a fancy to marry. Why? She knew it was the first step of his

work of surrender.

The world is not a carnival or Milushka wanted him

drunk. Amid the din of a carnival day was the beginning


of the order. Before the altar of a temple frequented as a
student, his shoulders were the conjugal yoke hands of an

old man and friend priest and his talents were under the
eye of the ring that the husband shaking hands placed.

John Gregory attended this strange ceremony. Since retiring

distant noticiado by local chronicles.



The Return of Alice

On both sides of the Andes down to the valley, gorges,

ravines, gullies, gorges, ravines and gorges with implausible

variety poachers valleys where the zephyr with

its egregious organ or aeolian harp telluric modulated
cadences and melodies. There is Cuyuchin of La Pampa,

which is in this place where Alice was born.

Today is November 2, All Souls Day memorable. In the
groves and meadows the zephyr is impregnated with fragrances,

memories, making the scent of wild flowers and

spreads. A subtle fluid surrounds the spirit and makes

transfers it as float and vibrate. It is an emanation or a tune

that drowns. Alicia was in the family cemetery, sitting in

a corner of the cemetery. Ramon’s name written in gold
letters O’Brien brought his imagination many details of
his life. The past, the present and perhaps the future. Too
much had happened in those few hours from the day he
arrived in Boston to his hometown after seven years of absence.

So powerful is the influence of the zephyr in spiritual
activity that is easy to notice as the man seizes a feeling of

fullness and sweet and happy emotion that expands the
heart and gives the mind clear perceptions.
In La Pampa, warm weather gives the zephyr a more
vehement. The sensual scent of papaya, orange lucumos
and invades the atmosphere, mixed with the scent of

magnolias and heliotrope, makes stockpiles aphrodisiacs


in pollen from flowers or chamicos forests and huarapos.

The influence of the atmosphere is further accentuated
when electrical phenomena of thunder and lightning, faerie

fire or give your load auroras. These factors together

with the topography cosmic magnetizing achieved. And
at certain times of the day or especially at certain seasons
in the shadow registers a temperature of over 30 degrees

which generates an indescribable anxiety. Then the breeze

as a filter slumber embarrassment or vibrates the nostrils
and stinging in the throat, whips engorged nerves and
vessels and glands. And the man touched by the warm

breath caresses him and transfigured saturated.
It is a spell-like breeze that indigenous experts observing

the phenomena of nature as distinguished by the

name of “mushcoj” and if possible try to avoid with dives
in the water or with the smoke from the fires. But lovers
exploit the effects of “mushcoj” and patiently wait for the
occasion. And poor strength of women, besieged by the
male and the “mushcoj” is rendered as an illusion of long
sought adventure and love.
Alicia was in Chestnut-Hill in a Christian retreat when
he received the letter of Eulogio. It was brief and painful.

“Your father is dying. Attend if you can “. Not received at
the time sent, so I did not hear about the death of his father
until two months later when he returned to La Pampa.
It was a terrible blow, but as positive thought it was

hopeless and giving by completing his studies he decided

to return to his father but was not going to live to see

When he returned he took over his activity along Eulogio

Professional. He was a veteran of the profession, and


she recently graduated from Harvard in the specialty of
The clinic nestled in the mountains a pavilion available

for inmates schizophrenics, alcoholics and drug addicts
and busy working. His father had left him a fortune, but

she used to working thing I cared about was the money.

Eulogio was Moreno, between blue and green eyes, athletic,

odd, tense, sad looking. He knew she was not happy.
Meanwhile Alicia had experienced some sexual adventure,

had experiences, but no often enough to remember
what they had experienced.

Returning learned many things at once. Slender and

selfish colored sky blue eyes, because apart from living
seven years in solitude, but surrounded by professional

friends, never wanted a formal partner or crossed his
mind change state. He lived for his career and for fun, it

was something bohemian and adventurous. Those months
had come home wearing riding all nearby, recalled one by

one all those landscapes that had been run, grow and be

He experiences no doubt flings but never stalled any.

Don Ramon always gave freedom to live their own way
and took what could those years in Boston, they used

to live as he could, but did not compromise his feelings;

thought that was sacred and to engage with someone who
had to be very safe.

Whenever we’re wrong Alicia, Eulogio told, I speak

from experience. I do not want you to think I’m a failure.
I’m just a man who got the wrong woman, because the
most beautiful thing in the world is hit. To love and falling


in love is easy, but when offline love also disappears. Alicia

was selfish and if it was, that was the reason because he

would not compromise.
Eulogio him to confide that sometimes left a little exhausted,

because she preferred to live apart from the problems

of his fellow professional. He immersed himself too,

as if the only exhaust.

It was Saturday. They did not work. The doctors on

duty were in the clinic. Alicia walked over to the cemetery

and spoke to his father of his sentences. He was charitable

and kind. The sweetness was the sick So it showed great


Conversations with Alice was disturbed much. Every
day he had a new thing and she pitied and feared that
compassion would become something else. I had to take

care of. It was an independent person who lived in his
own way and could not fall in love with Eulogio, but the
influences of climate and “mushcoj” every day made her
weaker woman, sweet and gentle, and sensual appetitive

until term rendered in the arms of the beloved, forgetting

his convictions and longing for the memory of his dead
father. Nobody escapes the horizons of “mushcoj”.
Autumn in the “Charles River” Isidora Nostalgias

Isidora look at the landscape and attracts the evocation

‘world awakens dormant feelings, beauty boxes covered

with dust, imprisoned melodies and bursts of light in the
darkness. It is precisely this feature that gives the landscape

a spiritual stamp sweet emotion and he acquaints us
making us feel familiar own thing.
He put his hands to his head, shook his black hair cov105


ering his eyes. His locks fluttered when she moved her
face from side to side and screamed “October is already

October,” purple month in Peru, lost miracle month, the
Christ of Pachacamilla. Isidora is a woman in love with the
waters of the “Charles”, live close to their banks and every

day that passes more these rites strange effusion anxiety
that come with trying to understand life a little more. It’s
a funny girl lively expressive green eyes, fragile, slender,
with a great class, very feminine, a graduate of MIT. Not
conceive life without music, is soloist in his spare time he

creates his own concerts for solace and live the memory of

their homeland and do not realize it becomes increasingly

more American in their habits, perhaps one day write an

book, perhaps entertain your nostalgia, but life was not

to live alone, there was more to the world, rather than its

nostalgia and love of country, love of landscape, seething

at this time of splendor, forgetting the terror wars, crises

and presidential elections, but yet had to live and learned

to live with the time and the longings of a river where they
navigate memories of each day passes by his side.
Nostalgia and the distance are related concepts in the

evocation and both meet a destination: raise melancholy,
flower perfume landscape and longing. If the recall is the

dawn of memory, melancholia is its melody and fragrance.
The remoteness is a perspective of landscape and evocation

distance and position is a sweet populous silences
and indefinable charm in our yearning anguish free from

sorrow poured into his mellifluous mirages. And here’s
another term and another concept that attends to structure
the nostalgia and melancholy of Isidora. The distance is
not so much a prospect as a metaphysical idea. Your content

is full of history and it is in the domain of the physiog106


nomy. It’s a languid vision coming from beyond recall and

evocation fades like a trail for more beyond the confines of

the horizon. Only the spirit rapt look sated and grab your

lace achieve bright and navigate the sky oriflama your


The above is enough to explain and define what until

now has been the word designating homesickness. Youth
and spring, fall, happiness and prosperity expands the soul

and adorn nature, their presence and enjoyment drowns
us happiness. Warns cosmic terror and splendor of nature

fogs, is elusive fortune and a veil of sadness covers
souls. The emptiness and loneliness intrigue, the memory

beckons with its indefinable smile of remembrance and

its glow of past greatness. There are claims and longing,

a yearning anguish haunts and comforts. The spirit lives
and transplanted into another body and with a fervor and
frenzy mixture of hope and sorrow, ambulatory and wait.
It is through this emotional kaleidoscope that discerns life
and it is a psychological phenomenon that owes its colorful

tone and chlorotic. Such nostalgia.
Nostalgia is a longing for a horizon and a scene, that
is landscape and spiritual evocation. It is a synthesis and

abstraction of our experience. A picture of nature has
aroused our admiration and our love sparked and alongside

its beauty apprehend identification emotion close us:
we feel that we give something of ourselves or a shred of
our soul stays with her.
In this month of October with the pride of their history

behind the “Charles River” receives the falling leaves of

each tree, making it a colorful spectacle of red and yellow
of all shades. The aroma of this time gives a party atmosphere

for the children. Mountains of leaves, shaken by


the wind put Boston a dye color. It’s the most European
city in the United States. But what attracts intellectual activity

is projecting its universities, museums, art galleries,

music and pubs in a city tour, where the gala and cleaning
lord. Boston as the city of the Irish more conservative. Her

subways (1897), a system of highways and tunnels flying
underground and under the sea, make us dream in the
future. He had a large share in the struggle for Independence

first line in the new world, “The Cradle of Liberty”,

which saw the birth of a nation.
Beacon Hill his aristocratic quarter, the oasis of elegance
and refinement that Henry James portrayed in “The Bostonians”.
In these streets, time stops. Faro is the New England

Historical and Cultural Capital of the United States,
a melting pot of old and new world. In 1773 the legendary
“Boston Tea Party” begins the Revolution, slavery is abolished

and hatches the movement for the emancipation of
The back bay full of Victorian houses and Cambridge
which house the very famous Harvard and MIT and the
Charles River receives all whaling fables that inspired
novels and movies and gathers its waters the most important

icons of the American Revolution. The city has fared
less space for the river, but it has also ventured to the other
side. Is there another icon of society.
A few blocks from the “Charles” is Harvard Square, is

the center point of student activities and most dynamic
in North America. Their traditional neighborhoods show
their gas lamps and wrought iron works of luxurious

mansions, and the “Bunker Hill Bridge”, the widest in the

world crosses the “Charles” in Boston as distinctive of the


Very few cities in the world, can offer as the city of

Boston a mix of colonial charm to calm a cruise on the

“Charles” and gondoliers passive, earning the reputation

of the “Athens of America” also considered the Sparta
Boston, as one of the major sports cities in the nation.
Patience and love are two things that belong together

and hand, so Isidora felt better life, beholding as death
comes in the autumn of life. And in the contemplation of
many places of intimacy born feelings and ideas that survive

is their experience. For in all longing is a concern or

an attempt to live again. For something floats the phrase
that the past was better. In the same case the error or failure

of nostalgia is the desire to erase, to patch, to leave no
crack through which seep sorrow.
It’s in our nature requiring a longing and craving for a
living all, full, deep and infinite, the whole universe absorbs

us with temptation and spell the past with evocative
scent and magic, with its splendor this active and the future

with his fascination and foreboding. However flees
the past, present and future escapes the mist is seen in this
avatar cradling nostalgia.
There is an anxiety in the nostalgia of return, ie a desire

for immutability. We long to return and tenderly the

memory and continuity comforts us. This is that there is a
protest against time in the effort to freeze the scene, holding

it in the picture of the landscape and the scale of the
soul. But what gives his note of nostalgia and paradoxical
feature is so steady their insurgency and the immobile,

since its essence is a pure duration, ie the game’s past and
future or the presence of evocation and hope.
That desire to Isidora, is also ours, evocation and pur109


sue cherish the illusion or dream of a better world is a

psychological reality, a life situation remains clear that
transported us therefore as absent: that is nostalgic. Without

the immediate past experiences would not perception.

The past gives things significance and unmistakable life

The action is basic and elemental manifestation of being.

Here we demonstrate, that is express our power. And
the limitation of our faculties and forecasts disturbing situation

arises: the fate and chance as a determinant. And so
fate and chance, fate and coincidence with its magic and

mystery nostalgia feed and give your taste Philosopher
and emotional content. That is more than form and tone is

an ontological position and existential activity.

Nothing is left of the mutation, we cover all the infinite

and yet tempts us change and subjugates us immensity.
This anxiety is our nostalgia, the nostalgia of Isidora, each
and every day.
At all times have presented ideas and expressions of
nostalgic content. The death of loved ones, drain the joy,
the mutation of things, intimacy and solitude, disloyalty,
confession, absence, return constants are concepts that reveal

a natural state of nostalgic tone and content .
Eighty miles of river passing through the towns of Massachusetts

and “Charles” memory in each bay leaves its
shore, let concerts, fireworks, hiking and gondoliers, sailboats

and canoes adorn silent waters. Now time is left,

leading to memory fall another year ahead.



Nostalgia pays me as melancholy longing invades me incessantly.

My eyes undaunted scrutinize the far reaches where

auroras arrobe vésperos resplendent and placid. That

idyll!. In full vertigo amid strange and lyrical apostasy

prevailing forged immortal poem. Without fear, without
embarrassment, with the naturalness of the spontaneous
and inevitable sinus, we found a delightful passion.

We had this great love for hidden treasures, wonderful

story and stubborn tenacity. Our tenderness and ardor
came from way back, dating beyond our early discussions,

in the genesis or the ether, in the avatar or the realization:

two particles of life insurgían demanding sympathy and
affinity. Tuned our souls and melody of love flowed in

abundance. And that love was like a song of spring, tender,

dreamy and gently agitated. The magic and charm
us into a sleep Edenic and absent from reality to illusion

we found, we return to us on the wings of a fantasy and
got lost in a sky oplascentes mirages speculate. Our letters
concocted the promise of the game and turned their anguish

and aching claim impetuous tones.

The distance and time conspired against us. The timidity

of the beloved gave fuel to it. Then my soul wandered:

rolled incessantly and mercilessly. I lost faith. In a world

without God or atheism. I reached pride.

Fell the weight of my pride all my idols. Iconoclast, no

heaven for the gods, without shrines for the deity. Rebel


Angel, living only for the inability to finish, I abandoned
myself to a nihilistic pantheism erecting a philosophy to
justify my destiny.
There is a requirement of nature, soul of the earth
earthy, requiring the illusion part of reality where the ideal

is conceived there must be translated.
I do not know if some genius hidden in my kneaded

my ideas with the wonders of the aurora and sunsets of

those landscapes and took of the sky and countryside

purity and the green spring or if the hand of a fairy who
would have cherished in my lap passed through the prairie

spreading its charms, I do not know. But I feel that between

me and the scenery there is an eternal communion.

Without this metaphysics of love and landscape have so
much power of suggestion and the power to make all

things to be translated into all the languages of my being
and gestures of my life, I could not do these reflections.
I think not I be in love with love I laugh at my violence

and my stubbornness, I even doubt that assail my passion
influx but not the euphoria of a selfishness.
All dithyramb in love is foolish to claim its vulgarity
and futility. The sweet and pure love does not need adornment,

nor that every hour is preached. Tenderness is more
intimate when it is less affected and more demure abiding
by decanting. The daily oath the act and makes prosaic
usually counterfeit currency that even the most gullible
disposed of circulation.

I silent when thundering voices struggled to be heard.
Only silence and hope-treasures of melody and tenderness
- have been the only panaceas of my soul. If not how many


rude and fragile weighting lessons and have learned moderation

in solitude and what wisdom he had heard of that
theological virtue.
Fortunately there are places and loved to show it still

the woman is the pivot on which turns the happiness of

man without the same beauty whose image would lose its
meaning and love your goal.
The distance and time give love a title of nobility and
greater forces of incitement. Earn the distance or make the
horizon recede to admire the beloved is not deep joy and

miracle work? The time and distance given its vastness

pure love, his view the universe expands and perennial
symbolic scenario emerges in excitement. The distance is
to the universe as the time history: landscape and monument.

The merit of the distance is that its end is the beloved

pinched with concern and tenderness. The merit
of time is that his constant promises have acrisolado and
merged two souls.
I do not remember the name of the Roman used to say
that was never more together than when alone .. He must
have had a privileged soul and fantasy artist, and certainly
savored the placid melancholy pain. This evil sick at heart
but the spirit gives an aura of martyr and a nice consolation.

Melancholy is the flower of happiness. Flower nostalgic

seeking hope and love as supreme health treasures.
Those who have seen befall know melancholy pleasure

pouring from a convalescent soul resting his face in the
chest of the beloved.

Melancholy is emblazoned lineage disease, attacks only

noble souls. Camping and queen in the aristocracy sentimental.


Melancholy appears excessive love or misunderstood
love, something like a lampo of happiness and a drop of
bitterness are the background of evil. The table gives an

infinite horizon pink satin and lively thé nostalgic tone
marine sunsets. Melancholy has its landscape. The unspoken

tenderness white lilies nestle in the valleys and touches

await their absent loved girlfriends will not come. Ferns
stalking rear up in the well that his side has to offer her

love, the violet rushes their fragrances in the hope that her

perfume is to arouse the curiosity that is discovered under
the arbor and gives his allegro morning lark in confidence
that no one has anticipated and in the dim hope that the
sleepy loved hearing you... Melancholy has her pale sky
by the sighs, clouded by grief and topped by a blue-white
combo specular poetry has its own peculiar and his music.

Does your philosophy and has a mysterious face bathed

as with jajos moon and flashes of aurora. Mal so sweet it

should be cured.
However those who suffer from it tend hands in search

of the panacea it is to be loved, we look at loneliness and
the field is the atmosphere and reaching the wounded

heart. The melancholy solitude with her cooing rocks the

soul, the field with his majestic show what captivates and
both we both transported to the world of illusion, where
the image of the beloved is in full sentence.
Happy the lover who can vent their torments with crying.

Many internal injuries or deformities could be prevented

if all men could empty into tears of bitterness that
corrodes. A storm in the world of the soul sidereal many
ravages incurred when a tear not condense into sprayed


Tears curdle like pearls and take their perfume of that
flower of love called melancholy. Then a tear is beautiful

and has the charm of the ineffable and sublime comfort.

Who has not cried eloquence knows no love or the sweetness

of consolation. Love like everything noble and great

pain has to feed him and remove his tenacity and firmness,

their language and their music. Crying is the word

of love and music its rhythmic expression. Without them
there can be no great love or all noble love is destined to

descend into vulgarity and promiscuity lost in anonymous
backroom amours.

When tears do not come to aerate the feverish face of
love, an inner cry moan triggered by a martyr’s soul and
heart bubbling like a cauldron. It happens so horrible,
pain and bitterness are exacerbated, kneel, tear, corrode

and convulse in silence without a hand reaches in love pious

or wipe those tears blind spiritual sight and burn the
face of the soul. Crying without tears is the most cruel,
work like a gale and merciless as fire sweeps yielding lavas

or as the north wind that freezes, but as if all that was
not but a ferment fecundizante sprouts or a flower in the
spirit of hope and emerges to face the scent of comfort and
love smiling.
A tear in the eyes of a woman in love is a priceless jewel

and a treasure that dazzles and captivates poetic, in a man,
is a title of nobility and chivalry that convinces. The faith

of the fans no purer source that the source of a sincere cry.
The constancy through such varied mutations of life is
a gift that overflows the narrow mold of virtue. The soul
of virtue is kindness and goodness covers with her mantle

of goodness and sweetness to human actions making us
see things through a kaleidoscope. The soul of constancy


is love. Without this substratum? What would the record
to which the spurs daily reality at every turn showing the

face of deceit and oblivion? Love gives the record a power
of providence and mercy. Without that arise would become
hatred and indifference. Just as virtue without goodness

is an empty word, constancy without love is an idea
as any sterility sterile reprehensible and abominable.
The cream of the pleasure is in the foretaste, is to savor

the enjoyment since it implies and suggests and not
as satisfying. True love is like the artist who is happier
than when he conceives when creating and like most of

the emotions preceding the pleasure of modesty always
muñidas angelic and mystical effusion. The fantasy and
imagination with his flight incitement and give the feeling

of enjoyment majestic spirituality never surpassed by
In the antechamber of pleasure lies all the charm of
sweetness. This is where a game of illusion and vision
decorate the box and offer superb luxury and sublime and
magnificent that you make the attempt dearest and most

beautiful feeling and the climax .. The art and beauty that

looks for all refined tastes are there, is the magical palace

where pleasure is idealized and vitalizes.

Since courtship is large such foreboding. The flourish
voluptuous talkative intelligent lighting bounces amorous
passion. Courtesy fine wit elegant grace attracts and causes

exquisite delight insensibly heart opens doors and leads
to the outbreak of a hidden lust that flattery and grace disguise

and added fascination. All charm of seduction is in

the delicacy of gallantry. It is the art of love. It occurs as
in classical music where all is harmonious prodigy who

breaks thrilling prelude and transporting the soul to an


exotic gazebo where melody suggests acoustic and works
miracles. Just give the bottom of the score. It’s like the sun
is great to show when the dawn dawns on you when it
lands on the zenith. And nothing more obvious than his
explanation: all that exalts the imagination goes beyond
everything offered reality. As first is infinite and insatiable

yearning and what other experience is limited. And is that
the best and the good thing is not always what we have

and what we learn but ambition and pursue: what lies in
the sphere of ideality and with his flash seduces and attracts

us. Many times the antechamber of the enjoyment is
just a pipe dream and that is when more and more forces
inflames creating a wonderful atmosphere and resulting
expectation that wit is brilliant in the welcome launch of
seeking pleasure and porfiarlo.

Love is not a value of abstraction. There is a philosophical

issue, nor should nor can theorize about it.
Nothing sterile and barren word verbal promise that
when it comes to him.
It is an axiom of pure emotions nurtured emotional and

raw and expressive animated affection and a desire for
pleasure and satisfaction demanding and full. He is based
in the soul, but it is the way in which that inner beauty
blossoms, shine and make the pleasure and happiness.

Lives inspiration both soul and emotion sensory. Satisfaction

is sublimation but not all over. Love is like a kaleidoscope

through which the world offers us wonderful.
These same phrases are bathed not that rare fragrances,
imagine flowing imagination fatherly face and wraps me

in a whirlwind.

Do not know how to express everything suggests that


the memory and causes the memory of my father Doctor

Eleodoro Olivera Cortés. My vocabulary and diction of his

parvos become numb and obfuscate. The sketches when
they are narrow and vanish when no staining dyes pale,
faint tones and words disuenan. The rhythm and accent

flee in terror, the sentences creak as beams of a building
collapses. Where to find the florid style and concise?, Silent

prayer, the verb fúlgido, rotation incisive, the phrase
subtle expression morbid or disembodied?. Honey and divine

thoughts should be collected in cups Greek and Arab
nectaries, chiseled by geniuses spellbound and Queen
Saba topaz or gold Milita haunted temple. And when he
had exhausted all the resources of literature and drained

the wealth and jewels of all treasures should open a credit

to the eloquence and monuments erected to observe the

wonder and glory perenclitud of ideas and beauty, love

and happiness triumphant example and lesson for posterity
and as irrefutable testimony of feeling and admiration.

What else would mean the temple of Chephren of the

Fourth Dynasty pharaoh, the Chichen Itza Mayan Empire,
the temple of Chavin, of Cotosh, the Lord of Sipan, Castle

Pashash in Cabana, Clarin-Irca in Corongo , the Citadels
of Cuélap and Machu Picchu in Peru, the spirit is satisfied
and mitigates your anxiety in the expression giving the
infinite spaces and sublime musical magic that offers architecture.
But such an enterprise when there coibe daunted by
its size. And the few leftover forces are hebetadas or awestruck,

postponed in contemplation, blinded by glare radiating.

And a spirit given by the passion has no power
to react much less to demand that my evil powers and diminished

skills cultivated fruits and optimal den master
to speak of a father. I will have to resign because of sparse


and limited my scope, seeking only to lack of ornament

and luxury, dress my thoughts and feelings, with clean

and simple clothes enjugados in rural and drying sheds
on wild roses and poppies. On the other hand the guise

of love as the truth is the naturalness and simplicity. The

further away the greater affectation aflorará candor and
grace are given as the blush placid village virgins who ignore

the luster that makes them adorable.
Let’s set aside all affectation or vain elegance that often

only serves to anubilar brightness and splendor ideas of

beauty, not to mention the rich robes and jewels hidden
valuable dressing the cavity of the soul and heart meanness.

Galas very convincing literary oratorical jousts or
tournaments although scholars agree to love, but rather
and often flowery language distracts the mind and the

heart stops fasting.

We are gathered in this act, in this house, in this temple
and in the home of good friends, remembering the teacher,

the lawyer, the friend with the heat of our affections
and the glow of our admiration.
This atmosphere of cordiality and sincerity that magistrate

excuse me all diplomatic and official protocol and
only the rite right now a family ceremony plain and simple

formula fraternal expression.
Somehow outstanding celebrate this tribute could have
if it were taxed only on their merits applause exceptional.
But we would never have achieved otherwise than in that

of this occasion to express our affection to the professional,
exemplary father, husband, friend and beloved champion

of justice and man of fine social tact. So, at this epoch
attentive to the oldest Christian liturgies sing our psalms


and rend our bread because we crave that Cortés Olivera

Eleodoro participate in the hereafter, not only our pride
but also the scent of our memories.

This festival is an ovation to a man and an idea. A man
who in the midst of the complexity of social and cultural

justice knew how to live with the beauty and simplicity of
wise and prudent men.
No doubt in the pages of Hello Ernesto José Ingenieros

and, of Frederick Rochefocaul Nieztche and this man has

seen the sketch of his personality and unknowingly ignoring

perhaps liked the simplicity and moral gravity, the

dapper and noble gift request characters who spend their
august and humble manhood in the world. In ancient
times represented his Venus Praxiteles absolutely naked

but eternally virtuous and chaste: they were less sensitive
Jesus and Homer, Shekespeare and Raphael.

Gentil, without affectation; serene difficulty; deeper

than bright, but firmly in the idea that the way colorful,
more substance than loudness in thought, with more enthusiasm

than Cortés Olivera calculation furrows dug the
idea, raised the neck, laying bare arm and firm through

the path of progress and justice efforts.
This is also the ovation tribute to an idea: the cult of
a magistrate proved. Turn him in glowing torches mind,

widens in the heart affections ineffable. His words were
the bird that cleaves pulled veils spaces and draws back to
infinity. It has the head of Minerva, Apollo’s hair and arm

Proteus. Penetrates the enigma, given shovels polychrome

sculptures in the landscape and cherubs.

When the life of a man has managed to forge mold its


principles and ideals, when it has come to conceive their

own purposes and embellish with individual ethics substrayéndolo

of promiscuity and has a reference axis and

orbit life, this man has character and is dignity evidence

when acting in life as Olivera Eleodoro Cortes acted in accordance

with its rules, consistent with their religious beliefs

with social ethics and legal philosophical orientation
Work of love is the apostolate of the lawyer and teacher.

Creative work that identifies God and raised above the
parent. Love and creation whose secret forces are transforming

the essential virtue lover in the person who loves

to be creative in creating, to identify the ideals and dreams

in order to capture the passion and beauty designed with

the incarnation of being idolized and the glow of illusion
pursued. Love turns the ordinary consciousness in creative

personality and this conversion is more effective the
more persistent is the idea and heartfelt emotion. Combined

strength to sublimate the teacher and impel him

not to live another life than that of their students and soak

its forms and harmonies and bring in a bit of mysticism
sought the disciple figure, future projection of his brain

and heart, their ideals and feelings.
But who is fond apostle? Since ancient times the terms
abound and forth. The Greeks to any work or grandiose

conception and its makers called master teachers. Ideas
appeared guidelines and basic precept arose, then the preceptor

emerging. The ideas and creeds and schools erected

men professed a doctrine and the Professor. The doctrines
were illustrated and were based on the forums or in the
chairs and advented the professor.
The Hellenes harmonious and divine teachers of culture,

by the noble elegance of thought taught us beautiful


rhythm and forged the way men and gods. Socrates and

Pericles synthesized his time. The Romans distinguished
supremely kind of man conceived a most faithful whose
symbol is the Wolf of the Capitol and the heads of Cicero
and Julius Caesar. Western Europeans and liberals and reactionaries

insurgieron did emerge pedagogical and legal

issues giving shine to Condorcet and offering a new type
of revalidation between Kant and Napoleon its most distinguished

exponents. America drifted, as Sarmiento and
reformers appeared very free men like Bolivar and San
But in Europe and America the kind of man was amputated

and mystified giving way to technocracy and specialty.

The postponement of the ideal and promiscuity of
the problems of life gave the world stage whose inertia

anodyne against humanity reacts on a priority concern to
the profession of man and technical profession. In this educational

effort in this anxiety of an ideal and obtained
a master’s Magisterium citizenship papers were regular
teachers, but with them in a hurry simulators offer a type
of man to humanity and culture content. In this symptomatic

state in which the Pharisees dispute the fore teachers.

The sharp eye does not confuse. The teacher has an ideal

to serve and the simulator a company to exploit. The

teacher is guided by hunches finned his chest and on his

forehead, the simulator for the interest. The one pursues

perfection, the other performance. Types of the first are
those men of Peru in the foothills of the Andes, naked and
emaciated they beat the alphabet daily and sing the National

Anthem. Types simulator gold are in some banks in
the public schools and some schools velvety armchairs individuals,

each struggling to collect the paid succulent or

place some thousands of his books and the others in some


centenarians proselytes devised to exploit.
Teachers feel, simulators calculated, those are concerns,
these greed. The first devotion cope their labors by others

for speculation. The simulators can store knowledge
with some success in the child but never educate them,
because for the first hand just anonymous, is necessary

for the ultimate feeling and personality. Simulators can be
witted illustration and not in the mind, as Olivera Cortés
teachers had something more emotion and feeling. The
lights are dim in the storm but the feelings survive with
the last breath. The teachers are passionate and dreamy,
love everyone and live by a whole people, the simulators

are mean, they want only their brothers and live only for
his flock.
The teacher born in some time of greatness and in a climate

of freedom. Never improvised. Can reveal unprecedented

in the forefront of the fight or struggle cuotidiana

bank. When a teacher is born with it comes a wake, his
heart is north of his actions and his brain lights up horizons

and opens paths at infinity. Instead the simulator also
born a climate at the time and the right time, in virtue of
society relaxes and faculties are dulled teacher or stagnate.
The failure of the teacher is the success of the routine,

the proportion of this is in the magnitude of it, is the

unique and genuine happiness that encourages them and
gives them strength to live. Without the genius unfortunately
hopelessly languish. Each teacher score the empirical

useless titan cobra breath and touches envanecimiento

apotheosis contours unusual celebrating with childlike
glee. Ignoring the value of a principle never serve or keep
devotion, is exploited to exhaustion and as those cynics

forest loggers, do not know the plantar rekindle desire to


bask in the spoils for the macabre fire .. Are constant and

never know the attributes of loyalty. When there comes a
novel formulation and fashion vogue in terms of terroir

are ready to sign on to what they consider the last cry of

abandoning civilization canons just yesterday rallied the
last word of progress. If someone dares to rebel ranks of
mancornamiento denounce him as a disruptive and if the

day falls up on the shame of the insult added stigma of
Again I repeat: “Happy is the one man who can relieve
his sufferings with tears. Many trauma or internal deformation

could be avoided if all empty into tears of bitterness

or grief that corrodes. A storm in the world of the
soul sidereal few ravages incurred when a tear not condense

into dew peaceful. Tears curdle like pearls and take

their perfume of that flower of love called melancholy.
Then a tear is beautiful and has the charm of the ineffable
and sublime comfort. Who has not cried eloquence knows
no love or the sweetness of consolation. Love like everything

noble and great pain has to feed him and remove
his tenacity and firmness, their language and their music.
Crying is the word of love and music its rhythmic expression.

Without them there can be no great love or all noble
love is destined to descend into vulgarity and promiscuity
lost in the anonymous “.

“When tears do not come to aerate the feverish face an
inner cry moan triggered by the soul as a martyr and heart
bubbling like a cauldron. It happens so horrible, pain and
bitterness are exacerbated, kneel, tear, corrode and convulse

in silence without pious hand reaches wipe those
tears blind spiritual sight and burn the face of the soul.
Crying without tears is the most cruel, work like a gale


and merciless as fire sweeps yielding lavas or as the north

wind that freezes. But as if all this were not but a ferment

fecundizante or springs in the spirit of hope and a flower

emerges to face the scent of comfort and love smiling. “

In this ceremony, in this portrayal Dr. Eleodoro Olivera
Cortés, “One Hundred Years of Love”, a hundred years of

memories, mourn his absence because faith has no lovers
purest source that the source of a sincere cry.

The Cashew is a legendary river. Over a thousand kilometers

of mountain snow snowy offers his fall. This fall it’s
a bright vision of the summit desmadeja in silver threads,
mirrors teracea lagoons and streams makes nacreous discourse

for the slopes. A violin melody Virgil gives a flavor

to the stage. Other times the storm with gale azogada fire

as a flood and the hoarse roar of the storm is spreading

like wild beasts roar. It is supplied at birth. Below includes
the music of all those tributaries with its load of history
and tradition. In these discharges were the splendor and
glory of Chavin, Pumpa and Yaino with all the remembrance

of his main courtiers and warriors and charming
beauty of their busts. Soon it becomes mighty and brazen
voice carries cosmic resonance. In the winter it is apocalyptic,

leads mudslides in its bed of streams and often
forests and villages on its banks. It is a raging colossus a

violent north is contorciona like a whirlwind. Indomitable
and satanic strikes and bites, whips and lashes, breaks the

hills and perish like a herd of ponies runaway swift and

voracious, ruthless and unforgiving, with fences expires

dragon screams and rushes the wild and a satyr writhes
quaternary making shake the jungle with his insane lust.
A smell of smoke and seed, yeast and slime saturates the
environment. And after spasm and close palingenetic the


river is collected on track with all that its foliage and silt
load imperturbable undertaking his journey to the Atlantic.

Occasionally the wind hinders the river and teases

impatience over jumps and makes mooing gorges in the

backwaters rises sprout waves and gives a whisper sordid
as the echo faded a hurricane. Other times the wind and

river in devilish warp up waterspouts and spread terror.
It quiets, and on a gentle breeze gentle current damascene

and makes the surface smooth, melodic vein spreads everywhere

sprout current psalms and hymns, a murmur of
musical symphonies arpeggios and crosses over the waters

float tones giving bagpipe or lute.

By Purhuay the river widens and quiet. In summer it is
clear and smooth, the sun makes clear, is a polished mirror

which reflect the sky and cloudscapes. It’s a brightly

embroidered chiffon or velvet canopy swings the mild
zephyr in undulates. Above these occasional gentle waves

navigates his nostalgic beauty orchid. Spots stamens and

flower buds of orange blossom and peach are swaying in

the current. Above lend flocks of multicolored butterflies

decorating your spell. So lavish and perínclito as imperial
monarch Purhuay away from where the golden beaches,

the scent of fruit, vanilla, cinnamon turkey, the snuff and
Poppy were intoxicated and exacerbated his fantasy.
To forward the river continues undaunted and leaving

Uchupampa Ancash and returns to the territory of the

Aguaruna, Antipas Huambisas desiccant experts reducers
birds and human heads. Then enters the crossing the ridge

joining the Ucayalf which is a sea in the lowlands. The river

is at ground level forming tropical islands.


Entering the Yanabamba routes, Cordorhuasi or Llangama,

the traveler from a height of more than a thousand
meters in the East sees an infinite sequence of peaks and
chasms that cross, from snowy splendid slopes gorged,

vehement roads, steep paths, paths and tracks imprecise;
below lomedales ocher and emerald valleys. A mirror
maintains the stage atmosphere as light transverberada
Kaleidescópicas. What for the traveler is a matter of geography

to the closest scrutiny or the artist prints those

delicious varieties and shades are the roots, and the sap

of a cosmogony, the source of myth and magic, reason,
religion and art.
The background and after irídica the horizon line

stretches a mirage of illusion, is the rainforest where the
country’s Ambaya or Dorado, the rule of the land Païtiti

and vanilla and snuff. That is the realm of fantasy and

wonder of the universe.
In the space of this scenario the sky is great. The afterglow

of the morning or evening and the view are hyperbolic

metaphors includes color dyes ignited ferric volcanic.
In this context and in that rapturous background, on the
left bank of the Marañón this settled the Annex Purhuay

Quichez district in northern Ancash.
The hamlet in the colony was thriving industrial center
in port for the Mountain. Miners converged Pataz there
and Huacrachuco and bordering the river basin, especially
Gulch mines and Acobamba Actuy. It was the gold market
transaction. Spanish and Portuguese established the primitive

mining camp, his successors remozaron and built for
comfort and to the laborers solar villages of wood or cane.


There was only one street and both sides were located

business establishments or dwellings of the principal with
their gardens.
Further down in the mouth of Actuy mining camps had

more for the workers of the mine “Huaman” in particular
and the outskirts of Chingalpo and Acobamba.

On the river a multitude of canoes and rafts floated

pending its moorings. No shortage of recreational cabinets

assembled on the rafts, were as exotic luxury refinement.
The river was a haven and gave the impression of a vast
lake, almost motionless, was a cozy river. In its golden
beaches that embodied the mudslides of streams capsized
on it. The sands of Purhuay were like the golden sands of

the fable.
In this hamlet fate met adventurous daring and brave

men, spurred by the ambition of wealth and greed of gold,
not intimidated or unsafe the hecatombs telluric tropics.
Apart from the necessary mining social life was reduced
to some family activity constituted by the ruling classes.

Gold trading became prosperous procrastination of those

families. Many of them had their homes in Quichez located

at the top of Purhuay.

One hamlet plagued by earthquakes, by the floods and
mudslides, was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt constantly.

At present it is a river port, melancholy and deserted,

lives over the evocation of the action. In the ruins of that

hamlet are the testimonies of its greatness and its history.

Linked closely to the hamlet is the Maranon. The river

was the providence of the area. The burden of his limo
covered with golden beaches of the route and its waters


rafters learned to fight with the forces of nature.
In this hamlet germinated a love poem so full of shame
and so innocent that they ignored the protagonists themselves

while they were together. The distance, came to
one of melancholy and realized it was the heart that was

your claim, to the other, the revelation of love came when
death had snatched his garment. This poem that seem like
a dream or a sonata lyric germinated in that wonderful
scene. The much-loved protagonists did not see or the

privilege of conversation, or the rapture of a look. It was
love angelic, almost unreal or something like only the
scent of a distant.
Over a thousand workers housed in the village offered
its unusual animation of cheerful people. On Sundays and
holidays, which were not enough to pass Vichus Quichez
or having fun in the inns and taverns of Purhuay. Assorted

bars and tasty cause there was nothing more flattering

to find a snack on them. The Dona Herminia dairy farm

became famous for its elegance and exquisiteness. In them
for their support and prosperity was necessary porters
temple have proof crooks and dodgers. In the other bars
the order was a matter of the owners or local governance,
often weak and tolerant. Hence the bustles that arose and
celebrity who achieved some miscreants in those bacchanalian

For many years he forgot two bartenders fame and
downright uncouth, experts on frivolities and jesting. were

they the “Nato” Luis and the “Zambo” Campomanes.
Both newcomers who had come to try their luck in beakers

and gambling. They set up a tavern called “Eldorado”

and invented the “Rain of Artesa”. Renovating a tunnel at


the top of the tavern down a rain of wine on the nakedness

of the Bayadere than standing within the troughs are
executed cadences to raunchy music. To the parishioners
were allowed to take the wine down his lips or body of the
favorites. The others could take the troughs. No less hearty

was the performance of those other new called “The Godfather”

or “The Exclusive”. Each time a new service copetinera

entered “El Dorado”, was auctioned, and favored

was called the “Godfather” with right “Goddaughter”. It

could even be one or two nights a week. But that right expired

a year. The sole is one of the beautiful hostesses that

any parishioner would have obtained in the raffle for one

of the nights of revelry. The beneficiary was the exclusive

owner of all that revelry favorite night owl.
Those wickedness and profanity enardecían Tavern “El
Dorado” and had rendered to the people.
Also in the Purhuay to be famous some huts where they
gold traffickers appeased his labors in the gatherings of

pleasure. Andalusian and Creole flattering were the delight

of the parishioners. Not forgotten Ernestina Light

fame and Bella Carmela. Wenches lush the a coming of

Andalusia with a floor and the other from a neighboring

county. both were a paragon of beauty and the cream of

the entertainment, it was hard to forget.

They are anxious and feared them. For many years these

wenches reigned with unequaled despotism in Purhuay.
The dairies, canteens and the huts were the most pleasant
incentives that encouraged so far persevere in solitude. In
the heat of the working day and at night the canteen with
their spell that wine and music. The cards and dice lit the

illusion and gambling menudeaban everywhere.


Other groups mated to the beat of a song and gave pasty
emerge lyrical vein and adventure. The men were dazzled
by alcohol stalking rhythms and conquer and the woman
touched the environment facing the dancing frenzy. Lindas

the mistresses. Low-cut, sleeveless blouses, hair full of

necklaces, light suit and Andalusia. Turned arms and legs

were concubines. High, strong and flexible, large breasts,
erect and shameless lush breasts, narrow waists and large
hips and thick wavy. They were a jam. Haughty, hieratic,

but worn out with lust these women performed in the

dance movements of seduction, eroticism shielded even
the slightest turns of pace. The magic of the occasion was
the charmed and payadoras forget the fatigue of the sandy
gold. The liquor had made them hurry to lose the last remnants

of modesty. Then these concubines were a whirlwind

of contortionists that shook the instincts of man.
Violent with all the ardor of music heartthrobs rushing

deluded by desire undaunted with round movements,
chasing the couple, hit the ground and emitted electrified

voices anxiety.

The first rays of dawn surprised one another parishioner

asleep under the canopy of a jacaranda.
On the brow of an eminence overlooking the Purhuay
was built a temple in honor of Our Lady of the Nativity.
Best beaches gold mines and was employed in the decoration

of the street. The venerable Father Victor de la Torre
and Suarez would have retouched the altar of the Blessed
Virgin of the Rosary of the Temple of Santo Domingo de

Yungay was taken to Pruhuay for him to build the chapel.

The work was an architectural marvel. A model where the

wealth of gold and jewels rivaled the delicacy of the styles.

The Baroque plateresco and glittering sets were combined.


In the twisted columns of the stubble altars clung to the

twisted and in the capitals and bays had heads of angels

in the altar consisted of two bodies in which the baroque
and shook hands churrigueresco. The smooth and friezes
vain exonerated with rosettes, ovaries, leaves, branches
and rosettes made note framework. Within this frame the
altar of the Virgin with a niche curd arabesques and pearls
and rubies studded grand emerged. The jambs were Corinthian

columns with shafts of branches. Above the niche

stood a frame chimeras and rosettes and stylized rosettes.

All the altar of the Virgin was coated with gold leaf. The

side altars were churigueresco carved wooden altarpieces.

A neat afiligranamiento profuse stucco altars gave such
fascination arrobaba the soul and were traced to angelic
Those altarpieces were studded with roses, lilies lilies
also carved in wood.
At the time of her light the chapel had stucco plaster
vault tarceada, fully carpeted floor. The bell cast in bronze
armor and the golden tones emitted Purhuay such sweetness

that filled the soul with sweet overtones.
At present the chapel, several times shaken by earthquakes,

it is only the shadow of its former self. The altarpieces

fallen, scraping gold friezes and panels, removed

the paintings, the ceiling careless, does see that the chapel
was ransacked.
Of the neighboring farms have been recovered some

relics, like wooden rosettes where the virgin oil painted
The Spanish colony Purhuay based in Barcelona had


done to bring the image of the Virgin and the installation
and dedication resulted in a ten-day festival. From twenty
miles around people came to that conclusion and the celebrations

and entertained various programs.

Suffice cited a memo preserved in the books of the chapel

for the occasion spent 80 quintals of wax and castles that

burned 30 flare. It was not in the Puruguay or neighboring

towns nor cohetecillo not a drop of liquor. Five thousand

pilgrims crowded into the Purhuay and surroundings.
From marching bands playing and did not stop by the

huts and beaches, the hills and orchards concertinas and
boxes resonate snorers gave his party music.
Such was the solemnity of that event that the chapel of
the Virgin became the center of religious fervor of the colony.

Every year intensified the cult, the people that now almost

disappeared, the chapel Purhuay and rebuilt several
times, continues to attract devotees. And out of that feast

was celebrated annually in all splendor, every five years

the neighboring towns contributed for better solemnity.

The devotees of the “five” took charge of the party program

and the foremen and the Virgin muñidores snatched

the chapel.
On party nights lit the candles are arranged in all the
eminences near the Chapel and main street Puruhuay.

Those candles were fingers or three feet high by eight

inches in diameter.

The poles of a Seville luxury artificial flowers and decorations

sported corduroy and velvet. Luxurious shawls
hung from the poles and railings carved waxes wore colored

ribbons ties, the litter resembled a bench about 15 feet

long by three wide. Santos careful men loaded the litter


white robe and bare feet as they swayed shoulder carrying
its load allegorical. You had to have luck to be holy man.

He was a highly coveted honor. In front of the procession
carrying candles carved companions and people carrying
large crews zahumerios.
The procession was day and night. Most of the companions

carried their candles burning and large candles
placed 20 meters away gave to wave their flames.

When the procession should be on the river in the

morning celebrating Mass in the Chapel and then the
priest was going down to the beach to bless the waters of
the Marañón.

At 9 pm the procession began. Early on a raft 15 meters

long by 4 meters wide had settled the poles, where the

Virgin and Holy Men were ready for courtship.
In other rafts were installed bands of musicians and
guests. On both sides of the edge columns offered their

luminary candles. Among the distance of both cables

stretched candle waxes hold offerings. From one side to

the other a multitude of wires holding the fixture of the


The river was the gala. All the flowers of the gardens
and orchards had been caught for deshojarlos and throw
them into the water. Minced sheets of wax paper and colored

interspersed floated and countless tin kerosene lamps

gave light wave their locks. Those stunts were kerosene

lamps backwater fluctuations.

On one of the nights of “five” a smell of sulfur and incense

filled the area. In the peaks surrounding the Chapel
where they lacked the most Holy Crosses, at the foot of


them raised their sulfur fires flares blue with touches of

red at the base. Occasionally a ghost who was carrying a

scythe and a whip in the other jumped over the fire. That

ghost was a “Zampara”, this is a “Avenger”. The pilgrims
who had come to this festival a vow of penance, dressed in

white and with a hood over his head, bare feet and hands

tied behind his back approaching their ascension to the

There the “Zampara” the penitents flagellate until surrender

their arms or fall lifeless the penitent.
In the distance the curses of “Zampara” and lamentations

of pilgrims made her shiver.
Two choirs, made for each other by men and women
gathered in the dark and sang songs sore. Many of these
choirs burst into tears exacerbating that made it more sad
and painful scene.
The penitents scattered in His ascension to the crosses

or returns them after each stanza repeated the chorus of
each song. And these voices were wailing a song.

At four o’clock the bells heralded the dawn Mass and

Holy Men began their tour of the crossings to assist the

“Zamparas” and the penitents rendered or battered.
In the higher spheres of social life Puruhuay families
clustered in very select privacy cores. Isolated and precarious

those meetings virgiliano tasted. In some royal purple

charged those meetings. The knights vied in nobility and

ladies in comeliness. These meetings were a social pride

and I were transidas Keepsake sun or distant homeland.
The line of guitars and melodies air soil and families hermanaban

carrying the eaves of childhood. They had these


festivities such seduction seems the more happiness recital

or concert of poetry and music.
Among other honorable families Purhuay was installed
in the Assumption Don Chavez married Josefa Quiñones

Ontaneda. From this marriage was born Maria Josefa on

December 12, 1700. At ten years old was taken to Lima to a

religious school. Occasionally a girl was to spend holidays

with their parents. But in 1719 had lost his mother and his

father have ill with fever Purhuay. By then he was 19 and

was obliged to go to his father’s side.

The tradition has been kept alive memory of Maria Josefa.

People who knew him and the comments made then
both its beauty and the tragedy that would end his days
have outlined a lofty kind of woman. High and statutory

.... The beautiful face both the dream was to worship as
emerging from the abundant and fine hair. A broad forehead

and candid as angels, pious supplication gray eyes,
the cheeks as fresh poppies, his mouth like a flower rapture,

torso exhubero as onyx carved winged and hostiales

The voice was sweet and pure hues angelic tenderness.
It was the song of the nightingale in keeping with the
song of the lark. His predilection for flowers made of her

a flower more. By dint of being in the garden had a beauty

and unique fragrance that is remotely sensed. Next to
it was like in trance or ecstasy or as to an extraordinary

Maria Josefa had the sublime melancholy flower, divine
grace that makes you dream more in the delights of heaven

in the beauties of the world. And as the flower is just a
kiss of light and color, she was blushing seraphic beauty


or a message to presentirla and taste it in the empyrea.

Such Maria Josefa. Landscape, climate, myth, religion,

family, poetry and fable helped make it a button first

spring and then a splendid flower.

A María Josefa liked the Purhuay, liked the illusion and
mystery in him, he stately river captive in his childhood

had crossed munda load or lift the back shaggy like a hook
or a tornado and fire as a cyclone. Never forgot that contrast

between the aridity of the sons of Quichez prodigious
and fertile valley.

His godfather Don José Rodríguez Marín, Flame rich
merchant, who had been kind enough to go for it to Lima,
Purhuay accompanied him in all the time that was necessary

for the restoration of Mr. Asuncion.

When was Maria Josefa was left with his father. They
had in hand a deal to transfer its business to leave the valley.

Meanwhile there to remain, sometimes in the Purhuay,

Quichez others, at home with his family. Country life entertained

him and made it strong and brave woman. However,

the narrow, isolated scenario had to make nostalgic.
The memory in life was to evoke schoolgirl and created a
fantasy it increasingly mighty. Conducive to reverie was

able to forge an inner world to get rid of ostracism.

So Maria Josefa lived: between a tough and wonderful

scenario and mirage prodigious fantasy. Her friends
disputed the privilege of his company, the people adored
him. But where was acclaimed and venerated was in the

sanatorium. The destitute and sick it received its magnificence

and all his angelic care. María Josefa attention to the

sick was a pleasure. The filled with joy to know that their


care people could enjoy health and return to work.

In the home of Maria Josefa was a fairy. In all things
gave life and animation, everything was neat and clean
and angelic charm emerged from this intimacy.

Don Hermenegildo Crying, a skilled and able Purhuay

farmer Kraul expedite scientific journey. With eight cargo
mules and two pawns assistants undertook the heading
1786. The first day crossed Islan, passed through Taurija

and were lodged in Urpay. The next day they went to

Tayabamba where they arrived after two days’ journey.
On the way the scientist is interested in the study of an
irrigation canal that served the terraces of Huarauya. At
the head of this andenería discovered a huge stone with
petroglyphs. Three days later and through Irea Huajay
summit now called Calvary entered Shupunko (Crisnejillas)

- Here were the PEARA break and two days later

through Aira and Tampuc - now La Palma and Bellavista
- camped on the banks of the Huallaga . Dazzled by the
grandeur of nature scored his impressions botanist and
wrote a letter to Maria Josefa dispatching it with one of

three pigeons that that would have sent in the Puruhuay.
Two days later interned at the tangle of jungle and
pitched his camp in the vicinity of the tribe of the Chushucones.

The friendliness of the residents and the excellence
of the place allowed them to make the center of its activities.

From there other places raided the guides knew.
Cuzsh was a rustic population settled around the slopes
of a hill. The summit had been Chushuncon and their relatives

and servants. At the foot of the hill, chestnuts and

conifers stout stems rising to a height of over 40-60 meters.
As at 10 meters high, more or less decks were tied to trees,
and on which they settled small cabins. The floor was cov138


ered with reeds cougars skins and peccaries. And from
one terrace to another suspension bridges communicated
with leather covered also. Both terraces as rope bridges

have railings as a floating population that allowed them to
live without the rigors of soil moisture without the beasts
stalking. Crying Hermfnigildo scientist settled in one of

those floating cabins.
Two months ago the scientist was established in Cuzch
collecting and selecting plants and studying their preservation

and embalming.
One day he remembered the Puruhuay and sent another

pigeon with a message to Maria Josefa. That letter was

an ode to the forest. For his version went like a fantastic
animals living position as the boa and the tarantula, wild
animals such as pumas and jaguars black, rare fish like
arapaima, the zungaro, achacubo and carachama, alligators

and lizards wonderful; zachavacas, peccaries, peccaries,

ronzocos original white overalls and turtles, herons,
blue quail, macaws and exotic cayumberos; butterflies

unlikely. All unclassified rare fauna yet. As for the flora

of infinite variety, there were rubber, shiringa, balata,
gutta-percha and latex that of the wild catahuma make
“curaje” poison they use on their arrows. The lianes and
made the tangled vines of the jungle, so prodigious hard,
flexible and long, especially rare as Humbo and Chambira

fibers with the strength of steel and wire plant is called.
Timber amazing as the “Shihuahuaco” harder than iron

beautiful woods like palo de sangre, palo santo, the stick
of balm; woods like “Tahuan” and “itahuba” that Enduran

in water; branches as the “faceted” that produces fire
when rubbed; chontas, bombonajes ceibos and the palm

trees to the cottage industry; chestnuts giants, many of


which spend two hundred feet high and offer family industry

inexhaustible resources.

Plants subtle fragrance filled as “Comène” used to
make explosives, medicinal plants like copaiba, quinine,
almonds, court and red cedar. Houseplants like balsa,

mullein, and narcotics and hallucinogens as “ayahuasca”.

All legendary and a wonderful fall flowers like orchids

and purple tulips.
Twilights effusive grandiose landscapes, water holes,

shoals and captivating lakes, pollen-laden vapors and
chlorophyll, smoke in fermentation, lymphs filled permanent

fertility and fertilization. Torrential rain, thunder and

storms where lightning sow terror; rivers and overflowing
with unstable beds that are the terror of coastal populations,

populations astonished at the mercy of landslides
and mudslides, flashpoints huts always threatened by

wild beasts if not by the reptiles.
Anyway, that forest voluptuous and sensual sorceress
and magnetic where ishpingo flowers perfume spreads
inervador and the sun falls on the shoulders with incandescent

lead weight and leaves the confines in topaz and

purple oriflammes leaving an orgy magical tone for the

rapture of fantasy.
Floresta eventful and superstition, fable and mystery,

dreams and poetry, narrative enriched by travelers and

literature jungle, forest fervid where the daring can not

but pugnacious and pure romance and creator; wonderful
forest that makes man became a protein and idolatrous.

Maybe the letter of Eusebius, the telluric absorption

which was and admiration and glare embargaba you.


But their concerns did not forget Maria Josefa. At his

side had felt like melodies flooded and it had seemed like

they always had lived in such a beautiful company. The
beauty of the friend was not all be extraordinary, it had a
sweet innocence in the soul and heart a dawn of spring.

Beside her was as close to a flower or an angel, lived enthralled.
And in that state of mind there was no more feeling
than worship. Love had not disturbed his senses, hence

never would have thought of making a declaration of love.
Ever had told him in Bilbao, in the chapel of his house, his

mother worshiped a virgin and that the whole family also
worshiped, and that virgin appeared to her. She had not
said as a compliment but as a natural reference, the same
Maria Josefa did not understand otherwise. You may stay

fanatic since Eusebio and Maria Josefa wonder. None

warned that that statement was above all perception.
And now in the jungle recapitulated Purhuay scenes
and not enough to separate the image of Maria Josefa

of the image of flowers. He remembered that when he

walked in the field had the impression of being as close to

a garland of lilies. The distance and evocation were to him

as an awakening to reality.
The absence of that angelic being was a void for him,
he realized he could not live without that beauty. Then his
memory dear reconstructed image and gravo in mind and

with the help of imagination building an altar to venerate
Conceived in this way it was being exalted divinity and
reason angelic and passionate cult of Eusebius. But all this
mentioned in the letter to Maria Josefa was but as a com141


ment, as a enviación and a prayer. In none of the coastal
landscapes allowed his passion and care suggest that this

letter was more a picture of the jungle and the story of his
spiritual state a consequence of his exaltation.

The wild life he was dismayed. Despite the wealth of

nature showed absolute poverty. Not worried about the
future. Nuclei narrowed by kinship or alliance made common

cause and defended wildest tribes or undertook conquests

to expand their domains. The bloody wars were
horrifying ferocity, while the horns and drums thundered
space fighters tore. Generals fur lined puma or jaguar

roamed the exciting field to his hosts and the cries of the

wounded were silenced with the mace or club.
After four months of stay in the jungle undertook his return
to Purhuay, when an unexpected perchance frustrated.

Two days’ journey and a hill tramontar warned that
two people were tied to a stake and intoxicated women

danced around to the sound of wild music, behind them a

row of armed men also ran dance beats, while enlisted one
pyre to burn the prisoners. Eusebio ordered his people to

fire in the air to scatter the Indians. In effect the detonation

fled in terror.
Occasional wild shot his arrow, but the second explosion

there were none on the plateau. When triggered the
prisoners were given the surprise of who were women,
one of whom wore rich ornaments and quite beautiful.
The interpreters said that the most beautiful of the young

was a princess who had been kidnapped by the enemies of

his father and that the rapture had done when the whole
tribe was hunting for a pair of jaguars, which in the previous

nights had ravaged the stay. The botanist in his arms
to the princess and put it on the border of his horse and


began the descent towards the domains of Cacique, father
of the beautiful Cullcush.
Two hours had elapsed when walking behind the

mountains that surrounded the road a hundred silvicultural

entourage stormed against untimely as the botanist
knocking an arrow and seizing the princess. He was the
father of Cullcush army that returned from the hunt for
jaguars had reported the kidnapping. Cullcush immediately

protested the error and dismayed the Cacique and

his people for the misunderstanding lavished all the resources

that were available to them to lessen damage to
the savior of the princess. Transferred to Shogocondor
palace, the beautiful Cullcush not be separated from the
head of your savior and scientific fever cooled with her


The stay was enguirnalelada Eusebio dispensed. There

was no gentleness that he had not been lavished. The

spells and even the sacrifices were met with reverence and

faith. The same Cullcush she had a sweet voice and loving

sang her most tender and intimate songs. Three Indians
who sucked the wound by Eusebio died soon and then
considered saved the scientist. Past fever botanist day had

long conversations with Don Hermenigildo Crying and

those colloquium were to evoke Maria Josefa, most virgin
who had inspired the illusion of love with purity and who
does not forget. The memory of that being idolized served

as sustenance. It was this memory a cure for him. And I
wanted to let the Purhuay the mishap that was coming
slowly, wanting to Maria Josefa knew that he was present
and was the deity under whose protection was reestablished.

Cullcush more and more beautiful and more decked


approached the scientist to offer their atenciones.Sus soft
hands descorrían bands wound and cured so gently that
it felt not to.
One day the scientist in appreciation of so much attention,

after the hands of Cullcush had finished cleaning his

face, took in his and kissed them. The princess knelt and
took the two hands of Eusebius broke and made mourn
with joy. The following are sacrificed a deer and Cullcush
shared with Eusebio one morsel of meat prepared with a
servant’s heart. The late princess dressed odalisque Indian
ran to Eusebio a dance epitalámica the rhythm of a chorus
of Vestal.
The next day brought Eusebio a wooden platform and

before he marched the army and people in acknowledging
the Prince Consort. Eusebio attended all the ceremonies
that day like an automaton in the belief that it was in tribute

to him for having saved the life of Cullcush.

That scene will be dazzled. Soldiers clad in a clothing
warrior carrying rare weapons and martial rising tone in

the rictus war that gave their faces, the characters of the
nobility wore distinctive original and people gown singing

ritual songs. Then paraded the artisans and famulos

carrying his masterpieces or animals dearest. It was the
expression of a magical world where the mythic and totemic

had symbolism expressive.
These impressions as the constant reminder he had of
Maria Josefa had wanted to get the Purhuay, but the last
passenger pigeon was left had escaped the day he was
wounded, depriving therefore that media.
In the morning the scientist read his books and after


lunch the room was invaded by the princess and her court.
She and other beautiful maidens ran choreographers in
ballet jungle. Cullcush, after firing his court took the hands

of Eusebius kneeling before his bed’s showered kisses.

And when it was indifferent Princess filled with pain

and burst into tears. Cullcush was in love with Eusebio
with such passion that in their ignorance of the language
wanted to express with sample materials for affection.

The scientist realized passion Cullcush and pitied. I was
aware that he had been given as a bride and it was getting
married was to be buried alive. Undoubtedly, the feeling
of something unusual was the princess as tone of melancholy

that joined the magical influence of the forest made

her a woman nostalgic.
Cullcush was lilial as a stamen orchid was exotic was

sweet as a swarm, was beautiful as arrobal the dawn,

the surface of angel eyes dreamy the neck of bird on the

shoulders of hazelnut, the chest like a dream on which

the breast only in outline is erectaban upwards, the waist
like a low, shapely limbs was more for art than for love. A
dress mesh which had embroidered a variety of beautiful
butterfly it gave Cullcush majesty of a goddess. His other
clothes were also delicious, full of gold, turquoise and rare

Eusebio seemed to lose its effect. His memoirs were not

advancing by losing his breath. Don Hermenegildo was

determined to recommend rest. Gradually that strength

was waning. He about expect to get fever and Cullcush

never left his bed or in the day or at night.

In vain were new spells and sacrifices. In the delirium

of fever his lips muttered the name of Maria Josefa. The


June 13th, 1774, he was dead in the arms of the desperate


The funeral was solemn. The chief ordered all the flowers

of the region were picked to fill the pit of the tomb of

the sage. On this tomb was raised a Chullpa for offerings

and sacrifices.

The news of the death of Eusebio discomfited Maria Josefa.

He felt something collapses on her. They retreated to
their chores taking up a cloudy sky and taking care not to
analyze or deepen their stupor.
That unfortunately brought out in it treasures of tenderness.

Liked the prayer his dearest entreaties. An infinite

melancholy pervaded his being and he lay like a

jewel nostalgic. Her tears fell like dew upon the orchids of

the mountain. And it gave pain to hasten those your notes

of sadness, loneliness, anxiety and distress.
A callous abandonment he suffered with some of unconsciousness,
but that was more pleasing to suffer for allowing

the grace of evocation. This abandonment was like
a fantasy orchestral with chords of grief were able get her
drunk and captivate. And unwittingly came into his mind
the memory of the looks of Eusebius and his fantasy was
illuminated lanterns flower lysates and populated melodies

overtures sedatives.
Born in a plot peaceful and a charm of family, landscape,

climate and religion contributed little girl doing
first a button spring and then a splendid flower.
The conchucana has a nostalgic beauty full of evocation
and nostalgia. Not that lacks joy, but on poetry, his emotion
is more humane and angelic. It is a thing of metaphys146


ics and but. His ancestor native Spanish have given a dye

matte pearl and hair golden that border as falling or floating

as sudden flashes of light. His blue eyes or brown radiating

a tone of infinite tenderness and body egregious is

like a verse or hymn. Sculptural, is a sublimation of ways

bewitching, sweet is a mixed multitude of strokes or filter

honey, soft, is a snowflake clouds, exotic, is the orchid that

dazzles or prurrieta that subjugates. And Maria Josefa at
twenty was a reverie, radiant, was a halo of auroras or a
sheaf of beams of sunshine, angel, was a sketch of Murillo

or a heavenly vision, subtle, was a tibor perfume. The
people loved him, fools so coveted and gentlemen revered

No one even told him about love. They same would
have been surprised spring up in his soul other feeling
other than the celestial and mystical. Ten years of confinement

had made her a Vestal seraphic. And all its beauty
lily and orange blossom had devoted to his religious devotion

had nothing for the world, nor would for it more
horizons than spiritual.
It was Eusebius who drew for her the wonders of an

unknown world, where other scenarios, other music and
fragrance of other flowers offered its fragrance enervating,
in the song of the lark heard the voice imbued the claim,
in the atmosphere céfitoes was to smell the aroma of the
blossoms and pollen, and the very sunlight that wrapped
in gold Turgia his chest making conturbar.
He was in a rare and unprecedented transformation
and facing a conundrum impenetrable. In this mysterious

revelation trembled as trembles at birth or die.
In a rigorous examination of conscience is not found


guilty, neither in thought nor in the works. Never had departed

from honesty and chastity and her own beauty that

was always applauded had not conceited not tempted to
make it more dazzling. For her, Eusebio was a gentleman

So far the reasoning of a maid touched by the epiphany
of a new world. But this gentleman had been the word of a
new message and the Sphinx before which the virgin was

Despite the analysis and dissection that Maria Josefa
did your feelings could not tear himself that melancholy
come upon her by the disappearance of Eusebius. Melancholy

which was predisposed from birth in the Purhuay,
where the murmur of the river is premonitory of afflictions.
And I was in it that melancholy as eco seamless languid

musical melody that would not change, as it does not
change the music without changing the soul.
Thus, the death of Eusebius, who apparently had not
affected María Josefa plunged him into a real trial. Inexplicably

found as collected in a complete isolation,
talking with children, with clouds and stars. In these contacts

achievement not only the wisdom of nature but the
peaceful serenity that gives the loneliness. And gradually
formed its experience with life’s surprises and temple soul

into the ups and downs of fate, leading imperceptibly that

friendship something like the halo of a trail or the melody
of a grim distant.
No one suspected that the death of Eusebio had affected

María Josefa, she thought so. And without affectation

attending their daily business as if nothing had happened.

But occasionally you over came an infinite sadness in


which he felt faint. A flow of tears came to her eyes and
silent weeping was like dew which cooled or as a prayer
that calmed him.
How often came over him this anguish rather bear it
in the river. In a canoe solfa to drift and give vent to her

tears. And grief and desolation of the virgin touched the

river and to issue notes afflictive. And this duo sore was a

melody apocalyptic convulsed with sorrow to the region.
These scenes instead of calming renewed his sorrow for
the evocation raged bitterness. And the great river as the
faithful confidant of Maria Josefa offered its waves of emerald

and melodies of his sonatas most intimate to dissipate

its desolation.
That girl who had never known the joy of love knew

all ranges of suffering from the sting and burning up the
torture and torment. Prostrate and saddened by the pain

María Josefa not revealed not discarded. Instead it felt like

a tender romance, as the first poem of his life that gave him

strength to live in sadness as rapt in a delirium ineffable.
But dead Eusebio if I ought to remind as he advised her
confessor unwittingly appeared to be under the influence
of evocation. It appears cracked under the title of a shadow

of a memory insert then without further arrangements
a few tweaks to the style.
Then don Assumption had fully recovered and back
to take in hand the rotation of their business María Josefa

had the freedom to wander.
He spent so some days Quichea at the home of his mother’s

relatives, sometimes in Uchus at Don Silvestre Flores
where he could socialize with her daughters the privacy of


their youth. By this time Maria Josefa entered the fullness

of its beauty with such splendor that fascinated.
Facing this extraordinary woman had to admire the
wonder of this beauty and think of the first of the sublime.

Naive as a flower was unselfish and with absolute
detachment did not hide her beauty, took her to naturally
and without malice. Never struck him the idea of bringing

a standing ovation and applause. Along the way things
bathed in illusion and the atmosphere was saturated with

the perfume of her youth caring for natural urge their
beautiful eyes looked fondly. People worshiped, was the

deity of the place. Some another male broke into flattery,
but the hieratic innocence of the virgin restraining their

impulses, were content to present his homage, and perhaps

they would be more enjoyable this size to break the
spell that made them happy.

Maria Josefa was radiant maiden figuration loftiest of

divinity angelic. She herself was the placidity of its forms.
I left the nature and dress plain gave to light and anticipating

her graceful eurythmy. If not honest and generous

would have loved herself. The mirror of the waters would
unveil its charms, the admiration and praise of the people
to think about the wonder of beauty.

But Carlos Gustavo is operating a morbid phenomenon.

The rejected Maria Josefa exasperated him powerless
to overcome their misfortune could not restrain their impulses.

Nefarious, hazy and lascivious, lust overflowed
in him submerged at a scoundrel permanently weakened
his body but excited her voluptuousness. A flame sadistic

burning her flesh and hugged his neck making her gasp

her sensuality saurian jungle. This bastard, at the height
of the beauty of Maria Josefa came again their eyes jack150


al on it. A storm of lust enveloped him like a whirlwind,

and you had the maniac. Your moral turpitude would

have sunk like a chronic fiber erotic, where a mirage of

lubricity he had in imaginary molicies. From there, in that
state of insomnia or chills delusional intended to desecrate
the aura of chastity of the virgin. Of course, for it had to

change tactics. He left the circle that surrounded María Josefa

and never came close to it. In the area of relationships

was measured and then circumspect.

Not seen again in the revelry of the shops on camp.

Spent by regenerated. So managed to win the confidence

of Don Assumption in which business establishment

ended concentrate the “relief” of the laborers.

The same Maria Josefa not disliked. Was indifferent to
him and wearied that distance, not to worry and let him
know his unbending resolve non allow closer.

The news of the death of Eusebio discomfited Maria Josefa.

He felt something collapses on her. He retreated to
his duties taking over a cloudy sky and taking care not to
analyze or deepen their stupor.
That unfortunately brought out in it treasures of tenderness.

Liked the prayer his dearest entreaties. An infinite

melancholy invaded his being and he lay like a jewel

nostalgic. Her tears fell like dew upon the orchids of the

mountain. And it gave pain to hasten those your notes of

sadness, loneliness, anxiety and distress.
A callous abandonment he suffered with some of unconsciousness,
but that was more pleasing to suffer for allowing

the grace of evocation. This abandonment was like
a fantasy orchestral with chords of grief were able get her


drunk and captivate. And unwittingly came into his mind
the memory of the looks of Eusebius and his fantasy was
illuminated lanterns flower lysates and populated melodies

overtures sedatives.
Born in a plot peaceful and a charm of family, landscape,

climate and religion contributed little girl doing
first a button spring and then a splendid flower.
The conchucana has a nostalgic beauty full of evocative
and longing. Not that lacks joy, but on poetry, his emotion

is more humane and angelic. It is a matter of metaphysics

and fate. His ancestor native Spanish have given a dye

matte pearl and hair golden that border as falling or floating

as sudden flashes of light. His blue eyes or brown radiating

a tone of infinite tenderness and body egregious is

like a verse or hymn. Sculptural, is a sublimation of ways

bewitching, sweet is a mixed multitude of strokes or filter

honey, smooth, is a snowflake clouds, exotic, is the orchid

that dazzles or prurrieta that subjugates. And Maria Josefa
at twenty was a dream, radiant, was a halo of auroras or
a sheaf of beams of sunshine, angelic, was a sketch of Murillo

or a heavenly vision, subtle, was a tibor of perfumes.
The people loved him, fools so coveted and gentlemen revered


No one even told him about love. They same would
have been surprised spring up in his soul other feeling
other than the celestial and mystical. Ten years of confinement

had made her a Vestal seraphic. And all its beauty
lily and orange blossom had devoted to his religious devotion

had nothing for the world, nor would for it more
horizons than spiritual.
It was Eusebius who drew for her the wonders of an


unknown world, where other scenarios, other music and
fragrance of other flowers offered its fragrance enervating,
in the song of the lark heard the voice imbued the claim,
in the atmosphere céfitoes was to feel the smell of the blossoms

and pollen, and the very sunlight that wrapped in
gold Turgia his chest making conturbar.
He was in a rare and unusual transformation and facing

a mystery impenetrable. In this mysterious revelation

trembled as trembles at birth or die.
In a rigorous examination of conscience is not found
guilty, neither in thought nor in the works. Never had departed

from honesty and chastity and her own beauty that

was always applauded had not conceited not tempted to
make it more dazzling. For her, Eusebio was a gentleman

So far the reasoning of a maid touched by the epiphany
of a new world. But this gentleman had been the word of a
new message and the Sphinx before which the virgin was

Despite the analysis and dissection that Maria Josefa
did your feelings could not tear himself that melancholy
come upon her by the disappearance of Eusebius. Melancholy

which was predisposed from birth in the Purhuay,
where the murmur of the river is premonitory of afflictions.
And I was in it that melancholy as eco seamless languid

musical melody that would not change, as it does not
change the music without changing the soul.
Thus, the death of Eusebius, who apparently had not
affected María Josefa plunged him into a real trial. Inexplicably

found as collected in a complete isolation, talking


with children, with clouds and stars. In these contacts
achievement does not only the wisdom of Nature but the
peaceful serenity that gives the loneliness. And gradually
formed its experience with life’s surprises and temple soul

into the ups and downs of fate, leading imperceptibly that

friendship something like the halo of a trail or the melody
of a grim distant.
No one suspected that the death of Eusebio had affected

María Josefa, she thought so. And without affectation

attending their daily business as if nothing had happened.

But occasionally you over came an infinite sadness in

which he felt faint. A flow of tears came to her eyes and
silent weeping was like dew which cooled or as a prayer
that calmed him.
How often came over him this anguish rather suffer in
the river. In a canoe solfa to drift and give vent to her tears.
And the grief and desolation of the virgin touched the river

and to issue notes afflictive. And this duo sore was a

melody apocalyptic convulsed with sorrow to the region.
These scenes instead of calming renewed his sorrow for
the evocation raged bitterness. And the great river as the
faithful confidant of Maria Josefa offered its waves of emerald

and melodies of his sonatas most intimate to dissipate

its desolation.
That girl who had never known the joy of love knew

all ranges of suffering from the sting and burning up the
torture and torment. Prostrate and saddened by the pain

María Josefa not revealed not discarded. Instead it felt like

a tender romance, as the first poem of his life that gave him

strength to live in sadness as rapt in a delirium ineffable.


But dead Eusebio if I ought to remind as he advised her
confessor unwittingly appeared to be under the influence
of evocation. It appears cracked under the title of a shadow

of a memory insert then without further arrangements
a few tweaks to the style.

The placid and simple innocence of Maria Josefa was

complicated by the mirage of a compelling vision. The
emotions and feelings that befell were the revelation of
a change in his life. Those eyes of a girl who admire the

beauty of the flower for its smoothness and color, now and

embargaba for its symbolic significance. The melody of the
song of the nightingale or the lark that once he hallucinated

by their very sweet harmony, he now seduced by the

power of melancholy and claim that they are possessed,

and the company of friends formerly was natural and indifferent,

now troubled him with fear and curiosity, the

same religion that previously had given innocently, now
came to her to confide her troubles and ask its intersection

beneficent and shipped with drunkenness to the pomp of

worship, the glitz of the rhinestones and gold ornaments.
Their eyes how outpouring followed the evolution of the
curling smoke of the censers that were lost in the beauty

and opulence of you baroque altars. He listened with
rapture to the voices of the choir e tone of anguish of melody

reached his soul as a fluid unnerving, I was carrying

Edens paradisiacal you to dream and fantasize peacefully.
That religious music no longer contristaba nor did

emerge the lilies mystics of its interior gardens, on the
other hand was in it such spell of tones, such refined vehemence

to shake his being in strange feelings of happiness.

She herself seemed to have changed clearly how distant

he was from his childhood. That cocoon clorático of


yesteryear that had grown up under the arches silent that

body uncertain and shy under the white uniform schoolgirl,

those big eyes and nostalgic obliged not to raise them,

those little hands dawns and hostiales always gloved and

that her pretty face modesty and amazement on the faces
of the novices the seemed strange. I could not recognize.
That vestal child who was the idol of Sister Natividad, who

received the heat of the most unblemished tenderness and

the sister Alejandrina had pursued to shower her caresses
hysterical, was an almost mythical figure that was lost in

the dark and blurred as a cloudscape on the far horizon.
But that vision and made her tremble; envied serenity angel

of that schoolgirl, simplicity plush soul, emotions and
feelings mirror, unstained and uncomplicated.

Missed with deep tenderness that disappearance of his
childhood considered lost treasures youth, his innocence
virginal and blushing lily. That nubile schoolgirl who once
represented the vivid pictures of cars sacraments and that

really was an angel emerging from a cloud of lilies had

been the idol of the religious community, the Passover
lamb Paloma Eucharistic and vision seraphic that arrobaba.

On stage singing or recitation had tone angelic and
mystical and crystalline voice and immaculate had left his
lips like a flock of pigeons or as a shower of jasmine. That

angelic voice to recite.
That voice of his childhood was spiritual truth, gave
off the soul and rose. To schoolgirl meaning those stanzas

of Don Juan de la Cruz had been the spiritual mystic, the
cry alone a loving soul, anxiety serática of the bride of the
Lord and the wonderful fantasy of innocence.
Now those same verses had another meaning and
sounded otherwise. That bliss of ideas is unhinged, was


cracking and yielding to the temptation of the world,

those words crackled euphoria, were embers burning
their lilies and turgian his being. The mystical ecstasy that
once those lines led him today those same verses led him
to frenzy and rapture. That love seraphic schoolgirl was
just a soft lilial and open tenderness of soul was now a
vague uneasiness, a burning searing heart. And while the
schoolgirl was presented to the evocation as a picture shy
and heavenly now his person appeared as a picture passionate,

He was before the revelation of a new world where life
begins in this discovery. And as you cry at birth María Josefa

crying for that, by the terror of the unknown, and especially

the loss of that image of the schoolgirl. And in his
tears had the pain of loved ones that we go and bewilderment

that overwhelmed the change of life. Nostalgia and

hope were the elements of his affliction. And how often
memory brought back memories of his childhood crying
is showered in abundance.

Of these emotional confrontations Maria Josefa emerged

as enlightened candor and enthusiasm. And the memory
of the person of Eusebius, in his absence, and death were
experiences that carried him to other worlds. She could.
Now the difference between the simple sympathy and
affection between the simple warmth and affection. She
learned that love was the masterpiece of the building and
it was more beautiful than art.
The melody of laughter love was more valuable than all

creations orquestase of geniuses and that arrebolo a loving

gaze has the wonderful charm that the best teachers could
not reproduce. A phrase or a word uttered by a person in
love is more eloquent and more sublime than all poetic


compositions. It is that love is the spring that renews the

pace of life and wings to the fantasy goes back to heaven.
Not that I have loved, and that Eusebius had been the
beloved of anything had entered or entered the senses.

She had not actually but dream love. And Eusebio was but
the voice that woke her hand or the driving, but a voice
and a friendly hand. So Eusebio was presented as an order.

Dead Eusebio had in his soul the poetic image of the
friend and his evocation kept it such a state of spiritual
intoxication was a treasure of happiness for her.

He had two memories of Eusebio. His letters and carrier

pigeons that had taken him to the jungle. To do those

things had a lot of sacred. With that fruition reread the
letters and that love kissing pigeons which received the
caress of Eusebio. The kissed and cuddled. With them
traveled the popular places and with them returned home
to hide the body of their dreams.
The garden in which Eusebio acudiera daily to monitor

the seedlings was as a shrine to her. The plot in growing

those plants was covered with clumps of violets and
surrounded by rose bushes. The little hut of reeds which
had risen under the shade of a jacaranda was covered with
mother jungles. There in the garden and in that cabin took

refuge Maria Josefa to mourn his misfortune. Alone and
away from the buzz of the village, with his sentence within

the heart and the soul felt the immensity of loneliness
and abandonment. Your own misfortune seemed pleasing
there and collect a halo of sanctity, and insensibly crying

peered into his eyes and his chest emerged staccato
groans. When this crying not soothed her grief and rather

desperate and confused his pigeons that almost always

were perched on their shoulders also weeping Sultan


also issued his most dismal howling. Then Maria Josefa
seemed awakening as a trance and realized that while Sultan

licked hands pigeons collected in their beaks the tears
that flowed down her cheeks. So regained calm and as if
with tears had mitigated their sentences are calmed and
filled with a glare angelic returning home.
Those daily visits to the garden were like daily prayer
of that angelic being. The times not rushing the crying
and take care to read and knit hidden in the cabin felt a

slight rumor of crying that moment grew and threatened
to break out into a storm. Were the river in the zephyr.
The river that the sensed to far and the zephyr that surrounded

him in his cautious melodies. Then María Josefa
approached current and pierced through the zephyr your
silhouette to placate those tribulations.
Leading the Puruhauy had in view the steep slopes of
embankment where had wandered Eusebio. Those craggy
peaks with its labyrinth of moles and hills, with its craggy

and grim solitude were an insurmountable barrier to
his view. Over there Eusebio had entered the dark forest,

never to return. Actually she had not loved Eusebio. At his

side only had sensed happiness. After the tragic death the

letters of Eusebius and the confidences to Mr. Hermengildo

tears did bring out his love Passion. Eusebio had loved

her but she now loved a ...

When alternated in Puruhuay Eusebio had never
courted the scientist kept his tone doctoral and conversation

with her was simple and humble tone. For her those
words was the sunshine of the village, the aroma of fruit
and the perfume of flowers. So great naturalness seemed

an old and familiar melody. Of these rides Maria Josefa

was retiring as wrapped in the fragrance of the friend.